1. only-knowledge

    Islam: A religion of peace. With Quarnic and Hadith refrences.

  2. A Abbasi

    Ian Bishop thinks 18 years old Pakistani sensation Shadab Khan should be in Test Squad

    The first time West Indian legend Ian Bishop saw Shadab Khan bowling(It was back in Feb 20th during PSL), This is what he said.. 847941783078277121 833730219857022976 Yesterday when Adeel retweeted Ian Bishop's older tweet. Bishop responded by saying the following. 847960314427650049
  3. S

    Criticism of Hadith

    In this Talk Dr. Jonathan Brown explains the following Hadith: Prostration of Sun Narrated by Ab Dharr: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said one day: Do you know where the Sun goes when it sets? They said: Allah and His Messenger know best. He said: It goes until it arrives at its place of...
  4. mrcritic

    While we feast on our Iftar's . . .

    When you feel UNSATISFIED with what you have - Remember that Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu Alyhi wasallam) said: "Look at those who stand at a lower level than you but don't look at those who stand at a higher level than you, for this would make the favors (conferred upon you by Allah)...
  5. M

    Biddah - Common misunderstandings and Remedies - Ahle Sunnah wal Jaamah !

    الابتكار في ضوء القرآن الكريم وأحاديث BIDDAH IN THE LIGHT OF QURAN AND AHADITH Objection No.1 Bid'at is that innovation in religious matters which was brought into practice after the blessed age of Rasul Allah(SAW) and if any novelty is introduced in worldly matters it will not be called...
  6. H

    Amir Liaquat - Hadith Fulfilled! New Facts

  7. Serving Islam

    Palmistry - Qismat ka Hal is Haram in Islam : Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

  8. mrcritic

    This HADITH is definately for PAKISTAN - please wake up.

  9. Pak-MUSLIM

    A Beautiful Hadith...........

    "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it" A Beautiful Hadith Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) said: 'When a man dies and his relatives are busy in funeral, there stands an extremely handsome man by his head. When the dead body is shrouded, that man gets in...
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    Hadith books in PDF format - Gift for all !‏

    Download RAR :jazak:
  11. S

    Qanoon Tawheen Risalat (Must Watch)!!! Today's Verse and Hadith

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum, http://www.darsequran.com/qhn/oldquranhadees.php
  12. A

    Azadi ki angrrai آزادی کی انگڑا ئی

    source: www.alqalamonline.com
  13. billo786

    Nice and Informative Islamic Website Links Thread

    3D virtual tour in Birthplace of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) http://www.3dmekanlar.com/en/3d-mosques-saudi-arabia.html Alhamdulillah
  14. dukelondon

    A Useful Site

  15. Pakistani1947

    Ahadith Mubaraka Threads - Collection

    http://www.tubeislam.com/video/1814/Nawawi-Hadith-No1--Actions-are-judged-by-intentions Hadith no: 1 Narrated / Authority Of: Umar bin Al-Khattab who said : I heared the messenger of Allah salla Allah u alihi wa sallam say : "Actions are but by...