"GO NAWAZ GO" a new twist best so far


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The Slogan has become Viral

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Re: Is this true about Bhutto that he did not give right to Mujeeb to form a govt?

اس کے نانا نے کہا تھا ہم ہزار سال تک انڈیا سے لڑیں گے مگر جاتے جاتے پاکستان کو ہی لڑ گیا اب دیکھیں یہ نیا سپولیا کیا رنگ دکھاتا ہے
inn snakes ko in sha allah patari mein awam band kare gi....waqt qareeb hai.....


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This project of "Go Nawaz Go" is worth a 1000 billions according to Mushahidullah!!!!

Fakhre Alam

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Re: Caption.....

Nawaz Sharif " یہ انگریزی میں کیا لکھا ہے "


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Re: Caption.....

practically situation is same...

NS has brought the situation to this extent with his advisors khawajaz, dar, Pervaiz, Nephew etc....


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Please change your WiFi SSID to GO_NAWAZ_GO

I just changed my WiFi broadcast name to Go_Nawaz_GO

I suggest all PTI followers or PML-N haters to do the same.