Fox News Makes Excuse for CIAs Afghan Opium Cultivation


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Brother what ever they say is right. Every one should accept it... All others r liers.. :-)


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Americans are good people. They always show the world how to do good things. Here are some of the example

We all know over crowded population is a bad thing. The American use to bomb marriage seremonie in Afghanistan killing 100's of them, which i think is a good thing. This is a profund way of controling the populations, is'nt it?? (well if dose'nt sound good to you then wear a zionest glasses and suddenly it would look good. If you don't have these glasses, ask contra or nipali pandit. They got plenty of them).

The Afghan people (most of them under direct US influence) grow ophume but are incapable how to make good money out of it. Then the CIA shows them how to get the most income out of it by taking these drugs in the streets of America. Oh God they are so smart.

If you want to know other good things about America or CIA goto youtube and you will find loads of it.


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Yeah right... drug production was zero before this war.

Absolutely correct. I have seen pre-war UN reports (that have since disappeared of the internet) that showed how Taliban and brought Opium production to a record low. The Americans in an effort to gain local guns, are allowing local warlords/criminals to grow opium in return for support of the pupper regime. This is what it is actually about.

The most laughable part is at 4:33 "and they can't destroy it". Hehe.. the american media must rate the intelligence of American public extremely lowly.

They can carpet bomb the whole country. Drop daisy cutters and depleted uranium bombs. Knowingly kill 800-900 innocent per combatant and yet how helpless they are at destoying the opium crop under their own rule. Dispicable.