Dr Shahid masood joins express news


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Dr. Shahid masood soon starting his new programme from express news. he will write columns for express news paper as well..source: express.com.pk

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Just goes to prove that where he goes people get fed up of him and want him out. He is probably a conspiratorial basta*rd in real life just like he spins conspiracies out of his **** on his tv shows.
Oh and paisay kay leaye ***** ho jata hay. From ARY to PTV to Geo to ARY again back to Geo and then to Hashwanis' upcoming channel. There he got sacked for f*ucking up the whole project (he was the MD) because of his actions which led to a lawsuit before the channel even got on air. Lets see how long he sticks to Express News before someone else throws him a bone and he runs after it.


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"hungr persons" not anchor persons--
sab bikaio mal hain- zameer ki awaz kam pet ki pukar ziada suntay hain------


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I dont think he is money hungry, he has been always threatened by the biggies in govt. when he used to MERE MUTABIQ - Read his facebook page updates.


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bus aik yahi channel reh gaya tha.....i like him anyways....but he has somersaulted a lot.....

In case of Dr. Masood money talks. He has wasted millions of Hashwani Group for almost a year, but failed to get the licence for them. Zardari would never allow another new channel to attack him and PPP. Now he would be working with someone as vile as Ather Abbas, a scumbag, drunkard and supporter of PPP.


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This is the only lota I keep forgiving. I am sure, as he starts program, it will become popular and soon we will forget that he is such a lota.


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I dont think its the question of money ....its not very easy to digest the truth and all these media houses are actually commercial houses who needs nbot just the TRP but the Moolah also to be poring in... but when its about Dr S Masood the conflict of the policy matters are never out of the equation ... im very found of his views and he is most welcome on Express news .. as listening to him is any day better then listening to najam sethi at least.


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This govt is about to go so he is starting his program to get the credit that he made this govt dissolve through his program lol.