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    Asalamu'alaikum Dear Member,
    thank you for joining ONLY MUSLIM.after join it i would advise you to subscribe the group/discussion for updates on daily. it help keep you intuch with group alway. you can start new discussion/reply on others discussions.
    following you can subcribe
    1. http://www.siasat.pk/forum/group.php?groupid=6
    2. click on group tool
    3. select subscribe group
    4. select daily

    start new discussion
    1. Open main page of group.
    2. click on group tool (you can find it at right end croner of group name)
    3. chose post new discussion from dropdown of group tool.
    4. type/past your post & click on post message/go advanced.(you can click on go advanced if post message not work.)
    2. click on post new discussion (you can find it at right corner below group photo area or above old group discussions)

    if you can't see or find then let me know it
    take care
    your Brother

    I think you recently got admission in a university that's why your are asking about 'Critical Thinking'. Boy, you not even get me so how do you comment. This is just a blog not an academic journal.
    so please evaluate your self before criticise any other person because I have to face people like you who just know how to criticise and they (not like you) even criticise Quid-e-Azam, Our Prophet and even Islam Religion with there limited knowledge and I am the 1 how defend everything even our lovely Pakistan.

    I like your passion and your ability to WRITE GOOD ENGLISH but this platform is not for you to try your SKILLS and ABILITIES.

    I respect your potential
    Waalaikum Assalam,

    Thanks a lot for remembering me, now a days I busy in home renovation and most of the things have to do it by my own self,

    Hope you are doing well,

    Take care,

    Allah Hafiz
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