1. ealtaf

    Chairman PTI Imran Khan visits Gujranwala; Farooq Alam advocate joins PTI

    Monday, September 05, 2011
  2. ealtaf

    Former PMLN MNA Ch Ishfaq Taj of Shakargarh joins PTI

    Sunday, August 28, 2011 Former PMLN MNA Ch Ishfaq Taj of Shakargarh joins PTI after meeting Chairman Tehreek Insaf Imran Khan at his residence in Zaman Park, President Punjab Ahsan Rasheed, Regional Organiser Barristor Mansoor Sarwar and Member Punjab Council Saqib Idrees Taj was...
  3. P

    Pir Pagara's Grandson Umer Mustafa Joins PML-N Pakistan Muslim League Function (PML-F) chief Pir Sahib Pagara's grandson Umar Mustafa Rashidi on Monday called on...
  4. U

    Aamir Sohail joins PML-N !

    just watched on TV . . .after meeting with Nawaz Sharif , Amir Sohail announced his entrance in politics through PML-N . . . . LAHORE: Former cricketer Aamir Sohail joined the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) on Thursday, reported Express 24/7. The former Pakistan skipper and left-handed...
  5. P

    Chaudhary Zahid Nazir From Faisalabad Joins PML (N)-This Will Give Strength To PML (N) In Faisalabad
  6. 1-Man-Army

    Major (Retd) Khalid Mehmud Shaikh joins PTI

    IslamabadA prominent activist of PPP and close associate of legendary ideologue of the party in 1970s, Shaikh Mohammad Rashid, Major (Retd) Khalid Mehmud Shaikh has announced to dissociate from the party and joined Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI). In a statement he said the current...
  7. Geek

    Bilawal Bhutto Zardari joins Twitterati

    Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, son of President Asif Ali Zardari and chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), tweeted for the first time as he joined the fast-growing social networking site Twitter on Thursday. The first tweet by Bilawal, whose handle is @BBhuttoZardari, read:@AseefaBZ how do i fix my...
  8. ustadjejanab

    Dr Shahid masood joins express news

    Dr. Shahid masood soon starting his new programme from express news. he will write columns for express news paper as well..source:
  9. canadian

    Marvi Memon joins PTI !!!

    ISLAMABAD: Sources confirm that PML-Q senior minister Marvi Memon has joined PTI. The former member of PML-Q has decided to join hands with PTI at a crucial time when Pakistan seems hungry for leadership. The war stricken country seeks to end its tumultuous era vis-a-vis finding a good...
  10. Salik

    Shahzeb Khanzada Joins Express...

    I like his show ... Probably we will be able to see more of him now on
  11. M

    Famous drug mafia chief joins MQM

    A good news from Karachi for MQM. A killer, drug mafia, land mafia and Badmash of Keamari (Tapu Area) Sartaj or famous in area "Sartaja" join yesterday MQM. Now for sure MQM will bring Inqilaab by protecting him from the Police. I remind you that in Keamari everybody know this man...