Amin Fahim is Married to a 22 Year Old in Dubai: WikiLeaks


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Sab black indian warrior ka kamal hay.... AMin fahim to phr bhi bacha hay abhi zara peer pagara ka haal dekho 17 saal ki bachi se shadi aur eik saal bad beta.. wah azeezi wah

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Because it guards U from Capital Sin like adultery and keeps the society safe from moral infection.

The only difference is that marriage is having sex with documentation/papers. Now our politicians are used to breaking the law and working their lives without legal documentation so having sex outside marriage for them is not a big issue.



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Because it guards U from Capital Sin like adultery and keeps the society safe from moral infection.

Yes that's true but you know the reason why people like Amin Fahim keep on marrying young girls.After some time he will give her some money and divorce her and then marry another one.It's lust pure and simple.I would say this is also moral infection in a way.


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aray bhai yahan awam ko 40 ki nahi milti das jhagray hotain ko 22 ki bhi asani se mil jaati he................aur koi jhagra bhi nahi hota pichli wives se wah wah wah he INKISHAF.............dosroon ke liye..........

ameen faheem has many wives ,not just one,and may be many keeps too...but all sindhi waderas live like this.....but secular fascists never criticise them ,because ameen faheem like people are as secular as they are...
sindhi blochi feudal lords bury girls alive too.but this news never comes out and seculars remain silent

but when taliban come out for jihad fee sabililah ,than these secular fascists give a prostiture 5 thousand ruppees and make a fake video of a girl in swat being beaten by that girl has herself admitted in media that she was paid money for this video but these secular fascist satanists still refer to this fake video when tarnishing the image of mujahideen...

keep speaking lies you enemies of islam,,,time is very little for you now,,,than their will be eternal azaab inshalah.

by the way in swat taliban enforced islamic system and for first time people had to give part of their inheritance to their daughters,which they had always denied to give before...but taliban put severe penalties to those who did not give their daughters islamic share of propterty...but your munafiqq secular media did not tell you this.
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