1. R

    Imran Khan's "new bride" wants responsibilities in PTI, claims Dr. Shahid Masood

    582765148521964 To watch complete show , click link given below :-
  2. Keepinformed

    Amin Fahim is Married to a 22 Year Old in Dubai: WikiLeaks

  3. P

    Mother forcing her married daughter for prostitution - Wah rey Pakistani koom and Police! Kider gahi
  4. A

    Zaid Hamid Married the Mother of 5 Childrens

    Zaid Hamid who was in Islamabad, Woman was in Peshawar and Nikah Khawan was in Gojar Khan. Woman already have 5 children, whom Zaid Hamid married. According to the full news Zaid Hamid married with the mother of 5 children when she was in Peshawar and he was in Islamabad, Zaid Hamid was...
  5. Adeel

    so I get married in 20 Days :) Wish me Luck

    Salam guys, I spent so much time on Siasat. You guys are like a family. I thought I should let you know (bigsmile) One of my friends sent me this video :P Kinda scary :lol:

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