1. awan4ever

    Punjabi victim of linguistic imperialism In 2007, a question was asked in the O level Cambridge International candidates: Why Sindhi was promoted more than any other regional language between 1947 and 1988? Many questions are stemmed from this question: why...
  2. SaadKnight

    Aamreeka Plans Linguistic Division of Punjab

  3. crankthskunk

    KD can only be built after break up of Pakistan: with Traitors like this Pakistan do not need Enemie

    Bloor says, two very controversial things before his departure to India, after India yatra of his Party Chief AW. First he said, to build Kala Bagh Dam Pakistan has to be broken, it is not possible in the current boundaries of Pakistan. I am sure he is fine with Indians building dams on all...
  4. atensari

    عالم اسلام کی مکار ترین اشرفیہ - حسن نثار

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