1. M

    رضا ربّانی صاحب، جان اللہ کو دینی ہے، اتنی غلط بیانی نہ کریں

    Raza Rabbani in his recent Press Con at Khi Press Club on 30-May-2020
  2. P

    UK’s National Crime Agency Accepts £190m Settlement From Pakistani Businessman

    LONDON (92 News) – The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has agreed £190m (Over Rs38 billion) settlement with a Pakistani national after frozen funds investigation. According to the National Crime Agency, the settlement includes a UK property valued at approximately £50 million. The agency has...
  3. Dostonkadost

    Which Journalist is most Lifafa and Corrupt ... Vote or Respond

    Please name your top 3 Corrupt So-called-Journalists My Listing is : 1. Hamid Mir (Direct decedent of Mir Jaffar) 2. Javed Ch 3. Talat Hussain
  4. S

    Misaq-e-Corruption - A Story of Pakistani Corrupt Politicians

  5. M. aman

    Raheel Sharif disappointed us at the end...

    Do you think that theres constitutional fixes are available to change the inept system in Pakistan, I dont think so. Raheel Sharif disappointed us at the end. He was not looking good with Nawaz Sharif at PM house with smile on his face.. He has given a chance for a smile, even laugh to the...
  6. زبان دراز

    Your Favorite Javed Chaudhery Selfie Picture thread

    Please do not post any comment on this thread. Only respond by posting a selfie :) Here is my favourite. I'll keep adding my collection
  7. J

    Job System in Sindh (Corrupt Awais Tappi)

    1. TPO --------------------------------------------- 40 lacs 2. Sub Inspector Anti Corruption -------------- 30 lacs 3. Assistant Mukhtiarkar ------------------------ 30 lacs 4. High School Teacher ------------------------- 20 lacs 5. Junior School Teacher ----------------------- 15 lacs 6...
  8. M

    Will Nawaz Sharif Make Zardari his President again? Nawaz Sharif couldn't answer

  9. crankthskunk

    Gilani the corrupt Crook: Buland Akhtar Rana appointment

    Gilani the corrupt Crook: Buland Akhtar Rana appointment as Auditor General of Pakistan Few days back I posted a thread in which I outlined why the corrupt PPP Government has made the Auditor General of Pakistan resign from his post, when he was given a week notice to leave his post and do not...

    PTI's Secy Information Umar Sarfaraz Cheema is a fraud - واہ انصاف کے داعی تیری ناانصافی

    تحریک انصاف وہ جماعت ہے جس میں ملک کا وہ با اثر طبقہ پناہگزین ہے جس کے دامن پر معاشرے میں پننپنے والے جرائم کی لاتعداد چھینٹیں موجود ہیں اور تحریک انصاف کا قائد جو کے خود ایک گھناونے کردار کا حامل ایک شخص ہے اور اپنے منفقانہ طرز عمل کا کوئی ثانی نہیں رکھتا معاشرے کے اس طرح کے کرداروں کو اپنی...
  11. Nawazish

    Imran Khan very Hungry(literally ;) ) and Pumped up - Fear him all you corrupt Politicians!!

  12. canadian

    Dangerous conflict begins between Corrupt Zardaris Govt & SC !!

    ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Tuesday said that all institutions were duty bound to comply with the courts order under article 190 and that even the chief executive of the country could be dealt with legally if he tried to hamper the implementation of the courts order...
  13. crankthskunk

    Stupid Public and a Corrupt Crook

    Two interested news/Article, to show how Pakistani Public fooled by PPP. First news article by Abbasi, showing how PPP is fooling Pakistani public by spending billions on their expenses and foreign trips, while giving a partly 50 Lakhs or 5million for development of Coal alternative. There is...
  14. ealtaf

    Faisalabad Jalsa will be milestone in Hakumat Hatao Mulk Bachao Tehreek : Imran Khan

    Islamabad: July, 19: The Faisalabad Jalsa would prove to be a milestone in the PTIs Hakumat Hatao Mulk Bachao Tehreek. Addressing the PTI Punjab Officer bearers on telephone from London, the PTI Chairman said the time has come to mobilize all segments of society including doctors, lawyers...
  15. Serving Islam

    Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri's Wake up Call for Change: Stand up against Corrupt "Political System" [Every Paki

    Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has directed the workers of Minhaj-ul-Quran International and Pakistan Awami Tehreek to launch mass contact campaign to bring about change in the system and make ten million people members of MQI. He said that the present system, which has been...
  16. A

    India is too corrupt to become a superpower

    India is too corrupt to become a superpower The sociologist Ashis Nandy once noted that in India the choice could never be between chaos and stability, but between manageable and unmanageable chaos. He wrote this in the 1980s, a decade marked by ethnic strife, caste violence, and bloody...
  17. L

    PPP hijacked by corrupt gang, led by PM: Jamsheed Dasti

  18. T

    mufadaat ki jung aur Ghareeb ka Jihad plus dirty games of corrupt politicians

    mufadaat ki jung aur Ghareeb ka Jihad plus dirty games of corrupt politicians Jihad mein khoon kis ka baha - ghareeb ka mistly form Pakhtoonkhaw kay jawanoon ka uksanay wala masoomon ko - Pakistan army and its inteeligence agencies Jehad one of its kind: General akhtar abdur rehman qurbani =...
  19. S

    Throw out no 1 corrupt Zardari & bring Imran Khan

    This most corrupt, incompetent and embezzling government headed by Asif Ali Zardari must be thrown out by the Army and replaced by Imran Khan. Pakistanis had enough of this cheating, deceiving, looting and lying PPP government want respite from its embedded corruption and deception.
  20. PAINDO

    Inqilab Revolution is must for Corrupt Political System in Pakistan