Gilani the corrupt Crook: Buland Akhtar Rana appointment


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Gilani the corrupt Crook: Buland Akhtar Rana appointment as Auditor General of Pakistan

Few days back I posted a thread in which I outlined why the corrupt PPP Government has made the Auditor General of Pakistan resign from his post, when he was given a week notice to leave his post and do not report from next week.

At that time I have pointed out from a program that this man has 3 different valid Pakistani Passports with numbers available to the media. It is a crime to have more than one Passport; he also has two national identity cards. He has admitted to have tap telephone conversations, which is also a criminal offence.

Now a criminal is going to audit the accounts of the Government.
Wow, it could only happened in Pakistan.

Someone recently wrote, Gilani is very innocent, or “Budhu” , you can say it again.

Just look at this corrupt “bora” Mahreen Anwar Raja, how she is defending it. Tuffffffffffffffffffff

And how easily Meher gave up and accepted her arguments. She should have asked her, does he has these passports on his names? is it legal to have more than one passport and ID card? Why PPP is not sending him to jail, for breaking the law, instead of appointing on such a post?
Pakistan can never change if we have these corrupt people in Government and in the Media.

When are we going to get rid of this corrupt tola of PPP? Come on Pakistan it is getting late, very late, it is now or never.



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bhai 3- crore minimum value hai kisi bhi WAZARAT ki ,,, for finance minister BRITISH national PAKISTANI offered ZARDARI 30 to 60 crore for one year job ...but media open that secret deal so he is still in waiting list ... buland akhter ney bhi $ lagaye hon gey ...

yar in logon ney merna nahin??? ... inko QABAR k andhery se darr nahin lagta?? .. wahan bhi crore 2 crore se kaam chal jaye ga?? ..

toba yaaar


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Inho ney marna nahi inhey log sarkon par ghaseet ghaseet kar maren gay waite and watch


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The matter of Buland's appointment as Auditor General of Pakistan is taken up by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. CJ has written a letter to the President of Pakistan. What surprises me is that why CJ has not written that appointing a person is illegal, a person who is facing criminal cases against him, and who is confirmed to have committed felony by having more than one identity card and passport.

It is even more serious as this post is constitutional and he cannot be removed for 4 years after he takes oath of the office. CJ has pointed that out but didn't wrote in clear cut manner that he does not fulfill the conditions of the job. I am sure PPP would go ahead to appoint this man and then all the corruption evidence against them would be suppressed by this criminal Buland.

I do not understand why Pakistani nation is sleeping on such vital issues? If this happens in the West, whole press would be up in arms against the Government. In our press a part from one or two nobody has highlighted this criminal appointment by the scalawag Gilani.
Day by day, I am getting angrier and started to hate more and more this Ruffian Gilani

ISLAMABAD - Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has written a letter to President Asif Ali Zardari in connection with appointment of Buland Akhtar Rana as Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) pointing out 7 allegations of corruption and irregularities against him.
As per a private TV channel CJP has sent the letter to President Asif Ali Zardari on August, 25 and its copies have been endorsed to AGP and Prime Minister.
It was said in the letter that grave charges have been levelled against Akhtar Buland Rana and it was necessary to bring them in the knowledge of President.
Contents of the letter say that Akhtar Buland Rand holds dual nationality of Pakistan as well as Canada. Rana proceeded to Canada to seek citizenship on leave on personal grounds Rana possessed 3 passports of Pakistan, one of Canada and 2 national identity cards.
In the letter the matter of proceeding on leave by Rana without permission has been identified. Rana had availed the leave in August, 2009. Rana proceeded on one year leave rather than appearing before the disciplinary committee.
It was further said in the letter that selection board had withheld the promotion case of Akhtar Buland Rana. His promotion from grade 21 to 22 is also illegal. Rana is also facing the charge of harassing a woman.
The letter further stated that office of auditor general was a constitutional office and any one who takes oath of this office once can not be removed again. Therefore, these reasons are being brought into the knowledge of the President. Despite these reason if Akhtar Buland Rana takes oath then Aiwan-e-Sadr should inform on this count in writing, letter said.