1. PkRevolution

    Hilary Clinton's visit to India and arrest of Pakistani Dr. Ghulam Nabbi Fai (Chairmain Kashmir-US c

    UNITED STATES ONCE AGAIN PROVED " THEY DON'T CARE OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION IN KASHMIR BY INDIA" United States is totaly out of control now. US-INDO CONSPIRACIES AGAINST KASHMIRI FREEDOM MOVEMENT. Washington, 19 July (KMS): Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, the Executive Director of Kashmiri American...
  2. IndiaGuy

    US will press Pak as 'hard' as possible on terror: Hillary Clinton

    NEW DELHI: Admitting that counter-terrorism was "first and foremost" on its minds after last week's Mumbai bomb blasts, the US on Tuesday pledged "full" support to India's efforts to protect itself from terror attacks, and said it will pressPakistan as "hard" as it can on terror. After the...
  3. A

    Madam Clinton in India: Who should do more?

    Madam Clinton in India: Who should do more? :lol: DR. ABDUL RUFF _____________ It has been the route operation in India where foreign leaders are regularly invited for business cum attack tours. Every leader from the global state terror (GST) nations, especially from the west are provided...
  4. B

    Diplomatic row breaks out ahead of Hillary Clinton's India visit A diplomatic row has broken out between India and the US ahead of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit on July 19. The US has refused India permission to open a consulate in Seattle. As a...
  5. Bilal_Mushi

    US wont keep up aid to Pakistan without change: Clinton

    US won’t keep up aid to Pakistan without change: Clinton US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. - File Photo WASHINGTON: The United States is not prepared to continue the same levels of military aid to Pakistan unless it sees some changes in the relationship, US Secretary of State...
  6. simple_and_peacefull

    Hillary Clinton says not pursuing top job at World Bank

    LUSAKA: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday said she is not pursuing the top job at the World Bank after a media report that she was seeking to become the institutions next head. With respect to the World Bank, I have had no discussions with anyone,Clinton said when asked about a...
  7. maksyed

    Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created Mujahidin

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  8. Geek

    Can't do more - Pakistani Leadership gives cold shoulder to Hillary Clinton - American News Paper

  9. C

    Nobody welcomed Hilary Clinton at Airport lol

  10. U

    Sochta Pakistan with Moeed Pirzada - 27th May 2011 - Pak, US Relations? (Special Program on Hillary

    Part - 1 Part - 2 Part - 3
  11. News Watch

    News Watch - 27th May 2011 - Mike Mullen & Hillary Clinton in Pakistan...

  12. Adeel

    Clinton in Pakistan on surprise visit US secretary of state arrives in Islamabad on Friday, amid straining relations between the two countries. Last Modified: 27 May 2011 04:32 Hillary Clinton has arrived in Islamabad on Friday in a surprise visit amid tense...
  13. D

    hillary clinton in pakistan

    pakistans real ruler Hillary cinton is in islamabad.according to cnn news Hillary will promote generals and will distribute money and promises of great future for their kids to...
  14. mohib

    Pakistan has been a good partner to US: Clinton

    PARIS: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday that Pakistan has been a good partner to the United States in its counter-terrorism efforts, and said she sought a long-term partnership with the country. The United States was also “ready and willing” to help Pakistan in its own...
  15. Bilal_Mushi

    After Gates now Hiilary Clinton says: Somebody knew about Osama in Pakistan

    Somebody knew about Osama in Pakistan: Clinton Updated at: 0520 PST, Friday, May 20, 2011 WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that it was not proven that anybody at the top of the government in Pakistan knew bin Ladin's whereabouts, but it seems likely that somebody...
  16. karachiwala

    NY Orthodox Jewish paper apologizes for digitally deleting Hillary Clinton from photo

    NEW YORK, N.Y. - An Orthodox Jewish newspaper on Monday apologized for digitally deleting Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton from a photo of President Barack Obama and his staff monitoring the raid by Navy SEALs that killed Osama bin Laden.The Brooklyn weekly Di Tzeitung, which says...
  17. M

    Oscar award winners 2011 - For best acting

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  18. ishwaq

    Hillary clinton flirting with french prime minister

  19. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Clinton defends talks with Taliban

    Clinton defends talks with Taliban By AFP Published: April 15, 2011 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a memorial service for the late U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke at the American Academy in Berlin April 15, 2011. PHOTO: REUTERS BERLIN: US Secretary of...
  20. IndiaGuy

    US did not pay for Daviss release in Pakistan, says Clinton

    CAIRO: The US government did not pay any compensation to the families of two Pakistanis killed by Raymond Davis, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday. She said the US did not pay to win Daviss release, but she didnt dispute that the mens families were compensated. The...

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