Ukraine war: Russia becomes China's biggest oil supplier


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Russia has become China's biggest supplier of oil as the country sold discounted crude to Beijing amid sanctions over the Ukraine war.

Imports of Russian oil rose by 55% from a year earlier to a record level in May, displacing Saudi Arabia as China's biggest provider.

China has ramped up purchases of Russian oil despite demand dampened by Covid curbs and a slowing economy.

And Chinese companies, including state refining giant Sinopec and state-run Zhenhua Oil, have increased their purchases of Russian crude in recent months after being offered heavy discounts as buyers in Europe and the US shunned Russian energy in line with sanctions over its war on Ukraine.

The imports into China, which include supplies pumped through the East Siberia Pacific Ocean pipeline and shipments by sea, totalled nearly 8.42m tonnes last month, according to data from the Chinese General Administration of Customs.

In March, the US and UK said they would ban Russian oil, while the European Union has been working towards ending its reliance on Russian gas, as the West steps up the economic response to the invasion of Ukraine.

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China and India are getting Russia oil at discounted prices.The imported beggars didn’t consider Russian oil as an option.The beggars are still waiting for permission from their masters in Washington.


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امریکا بیس سال مسلمانوں سے خود ساختہ جنگ لڑتا رہا. اس دوران چین اور روس اپنی حیثیت مضبوط کرتے رہے. آج امریکا کی اجارہ داری ختم ہو چکی ہے لیکن اپنوں کی حکمت عملی نے پاکستان کو اس طرح امریکا کے قدموں میں بیٹھا دیا ہے جس طرح بیس برس قبل بیٹھایا تھا

ہم آج امریکا سے اسی طرح خوف زدہ ہیں جس طرح بیس برس قبل تھے. امریکا آج ہمارا اتنا "خیر خواہ" ہے جتنا بیس برس قبل تھا


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بقول بھکاریوں کے روس کا تیل خریدنے پر پابندی ہے۔ اب ان کی عقل کی پستی پر وریا جائے یہ لعنت بھیجی جائے؟

لاکھ دی لعنت



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مرتد بلڈاگ امریکہ کے پالتو کتے کو امریکہ نے منع کیا ہے روسی تیل لینے سے