Siachin dispute: India lacks sincerity of purpose


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Opposing unilateral withdrawal of Pakistani troops from Siachin glacier, leading defence analysts on Friday said that Indian government influenced by its military leadership was not only equipping its troops deployed at Siachin with modern military hardware but also building infrastructure and road networks to strengthen its supply line.Speaking at a dialogue on "Siachin beyond military solutions" organised by Bardasht here, they also held India responsible for Siachin conflict by deploying its troops on the glacier in blatant violation of the Simla Agreement signed between India and Pakistan after the 1971 War.Defence Analyst, Lieutenant General Tallat Masood (Retd) opined that Siachin conflict was extension of Kashmir issue which was legacy of partition, adding Siachin issue was result of Indian aggressive designs.

He pointed out that Pakistan deployed its troops on the glacier in response to Indian aggression.

The Indian military leadership was creating hurdles and influencing its government not to resolve this issue.He, however, said that it was in the interest of both India and Pakistan to withdraw their troops from Siachin for their economic constraint and to save the glacier from climate and weather changes.

Director General, South Asian Strategic Stability Institute, Dr Maria Sultan said that Pakistan was not fighting an offensive battle and Pakistan's troops were defending their motherland.

She said some people were in favour of withdrawal of troops from Siachin but they should also be aware of the fact that Indian government was strengthening positions of its troops deployed there.Maria said that Siachin had a strategic importance for both India and Pakistan due to its geographical location, adding, any dialogue for maintaining peace between the two countries should be based on equality.

Chairman, Institute of Strategic Studies and Former Foreign Secretary, Tanveer Ahmed Khan said that there was a strong relationship between the people and Pakistan Army spanning over 60 years.

He said that Gayari incident was not only a great tragedy for the armed forces but it also saddened the entire nation.

Paying glowing tributes to the sacrifices of our soldiers in Siachin, he said the troops successfully defended the country's sovereignty and integrity.He said that India does not want to vacate Siachin glacier as it was purchasing equipments and building up infrastructure.

He said although a solution for Siachin would take time but it was appreciable that both Pakistan and India were now showing flexibility and willing to initiate talks on trade and commerce before resolving their core issues.

He said through dialogue, both the countries could be able to unlock the deadlock. Business Recorder


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Pakistans real traitor is Pakistan army when in 1984 professional indian army was making its move in siachin our army was playing politics and making bucks.... so who is real traitor.... Zia said "WHO CARES OF SIACHIN AS YOU CAN NOT EVEN GROW GRASS OVER THERE...."....

bhai sab thori to aqal ko hath mara karo.... the root of our all problems is aur great army....


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دنیا کچھ بھی کہے ، انتہا پسند کوئی بھی منصوبہ سازی کریں ، اکھنڈ بھارت کا کوئی خیالی منصوبہ ہو ، یا غزوہ ہند کے نام پر ، قوم کو ایک نی جنگ میں دھکیلنے کی سازش ، پاکستان و ہندستان کی عوام کو یہ بات جان لینی چاہیے کہ ، ہمیں ایک دوسرے کی سرحدوں کا احترام کرنا ہوگا ، ایک دوسرے کے جغرافیہ کو دل سے تسلیم کرنا ہوگا ،

اسس نام نہاد ، اور جھوٹی دشمنی کے نام پر ، مغربی اسلح ساز اداروں کے کاروبار سے ہاتھ کھینچ کر ، بھوکی بلکتی عوام کا پیٹ بھرنا ، اصل مقصد ہونا چاہیے ، مذھبی جنونی ہوں یا سیاسی مکّار ، سب کا دھندہ ، اسس دشمنی پر چل رہا ہے ، اور عالمی طاقتوں نے ہمیشہ اسس دشمنی سے فائدہ اٹھایا ہے ، اب یہ ہم عوام نے سوچنا ہے کہ ، اپنا پیٹ کاٹ کاٹ کر ، اسس ڈرامہ کو طویل کیا جاۓ ، یا اپنے بنیادی حقوق ، عزت نفس ، تعلیم ، علاج ، امن ، اور ترقی ، کے لیے ، اپنی اپنی ، سیاسی اور عسکری اشرافیہ کا گریبان پکڑا جاۓ ،


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Why does Pakistan tests missiles AFTER India?
Why did Pakistan send forces to Siachen AFTER India?

BECAUSE, Pakistan has the capability, but it tells the world that the war-monging starter is India.

That is why today we know that India entered Siachen first and is the reason for Pakistan' presence there.