Imtiaz Alam shamelessly defends secularism for Pakistan


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So do you want a Kemal-Atatrk in Pakistan???

absolutely not, What Jinnah went for was right......

What I was saying is this :

Just consider Ataturk , announcing the establishment of Islamic Republic of TURKEY.

Would the British have led this be a reality? Absolutely not . They fragmented the Ottoman Empire , they would never have sustained an Islamic State in its place.

At that point , keeping Turkey united was important , Islam is , was , will be a crucial part of their culture , He just supressed it in one generation , and look now , Egypt once one of the European Holiday sights , is now considering an Islamic law!

The point is , Jinnah wanted Khalifat e Rashida kind of government ,as per his dialogue with Dr Israr ......

Ataturk went for secularism , only to rescue the turks from a humiliated defeat.

Even Turkey will be an Islamic State in near future , Inshallah.

My point is , How much this retarded guy Imtiaz Alam has studied regarding Jinnah?

Stanley wolpert ki book parh laenae sae , aur Jinnah ki wo speech parh laenae sae in which he says kae we seize to be muslims in political sense wagaira , koi SCHOLAR NAE BAN JATA.

IS speech kae ILAWA Jinnah nae aur bhi bohat sae speeches kae haen !!!!


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Indian Guy, I know exactly what the problem is. Pakistan was created as a laboratory for experiment and to create perfect Islamic state to present to the whole world as an example. Once this prosperous State became functional the whole world will follow the lead, Just like the world followed democracy after US became a functional democracy. This is the Idea behind it. All Pakistani's have seen secularism to them it is a failure.

The Laboratory (Pakistan) did ok with experiments for first couple of years but for now lab is closed for a while because it requires huge amount of electricity therefore due to load shedding it has been closed. Work will begun as soon as electric demands are met.

I think I have explained well to Indians and Pakistanis.
ok, i am just shoving off,entrance test is on 13september,

but u should be like teaching two nation theory!(bigsmile);)


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Our problem is not islam but mullaism, people who wanted pakistan and got it they had a particular vision of islam that is what we need to understand and then we do not need any secularism.

So long as mullaism is strong in pakistan people will not learn islam as it was understood by sir seyyed. Only if we follow sir seyyed's vision of islam we can move forward. Iqbal clearly told us mullaism is not going to do us any good yet we pay lip service to iqbal and jinnah and follow our beloved mullas. No wonder then that pakistan is in this state of affairs.

Jinnah ultimately agreed with iqbal's view point about islam and that is the vision of islam iqbal wanted for pakistan. Had we done that right away things would have ben very different by now.

Mullaism is creator of secularism because if you take away deen from politics you are only left with secularism.

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If you run

1. If you run a state based on Judism you WILL have problems. Israel faces lots of problems because of this.
2. If you run a state based on Christianity, like earlier European Kingdoms and US used to be you WILL face wars and other problems, like they used to.
3. If you run a state based purely on Hinduism, you WILL face problems with people of other religion.

Keep politics and religion separate and you will have least sectarian and religious problems.

The only social problems you would have to fight would be the ones that germinate based on pure social issues which is controllable.



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کوئی جا کر اوریا صاحب کو سیکولرزم اور لبرلزم کے معانی اور مفھوم سمجھا دے. شاید اسی طرح ایسے جھوٹ کے پلندہ نما کالم سے آئندہ کیلئیے نجات مل سکے


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yesterday in mashriq newspaper I read this hindu agent imtiaz alams column.he has passionately advocated the demand cfor reation of free seraikistan that will be free from "takht lahores rule" (according to him). he claims that once seraikistan is made it will be rich like Europe or something! if even now anyone has any doubts that who is behind this Punjab division conspiracy ,and creation of a ethnic and linguistic units under control of indian agents than he must reflect!we all know that imtiaz alam works for indian agency RAW and his goal is to merge Pakistan with india ultimately!my appeal to the patriotic powers (if any,in army and government) is to consider this fact!as at present we are under attack from secular indian and American agents from within us who are trying to break Pakistan by 2017 and to merge the broken parts with india.these feudals and raw agents demand of new linguistic units under their control at time (when according to poll majority south Punjab people area aginst this division) is an eye opener!theyw ant to impose their will on people to fulfill theira genda of breaking of Pakistan as per the wishes of their master America and india
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