Imran Khan Speech in PTI's Swat Jalsa - 31st March 2013


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Re: Imran Khan Speech in Swat jalsa - 31st March 2013

Heath Ledger (joker)DATE OF BIRTHApril 04, 1979
DATE OF DEATH January 22, 2008BIRTH PLACEPerth, Australia ( jiss tarah iss real joker ne suicide ki thi issi tarah
iss naqli joker ne election result ki subah iss jahan se rukhsat
ho kar jahanam main chalay jana hai.....


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Bhai mian aap aik kaam karo. zara content say bharpur aik sample speech to dalo yahan par jo Ik ko karni chahiay thee. Hum bhee to daikhain aap kitnay "turram khan" ho.

I am a fan of IK but i have to admit that the jalsa was much less than expected. Ik speech was not good as well.
Ik needs to improve his content and avoid repetition of the same slogans ppl have watched every other day.

I am disappointed . PTI must have a critical analyse the reasons of this performance and in future avoid
making hyper statements which give rise to over expectations.

IK always said he used to analyse both WIN and LOSS in his cricketing days.

Best of luck.


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Re: What you say

One mullah weighs equal to 20 normal people. That is why Minar-i-Pakistan looks full


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Re: What you say

apna pehla post he pti k against,,, mubarkan mubarkan

beta yehi teray kamayi k din hain,,,, keep it up,,,, kashmala tariq k bhai lagtay ho harkato se


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Re: What you say

rality of what .... oiii yah kal hire hu hai by khurram dastageer ... yah volunteer hai nooner yah paid nai hai...


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Re: Imran Khan Dream ....

May all his dreams come true...:)
hmaray khawab sach honey ki bhi dua kar diya karen kabhi shaanti priya jee

yoon k dekha aik khwab to yeh silsilay huye, door tak nigahon mein gul khilay huye [hilar][hilar][hilar]


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Re: Imran Khan Dream ....

Although we must pray, but we all have to work 10 times harder than just praying, in order to fulfill these dreams, these dreams are for us not for himself(IK).