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    نیا پاکستان کرپشن اور مہنگائی میں پرانے پاکستان سے آگے نکل گیا

  2. GTV Pakistan

    Imran Khan Should Take Action Against Electricity Price Hike, Gas Load Shedding, Maryam Aurangzeb

  3. P

    Future of Pakistan - Naya Pakistan or otherwise

    Admins:= Please don’t delete this post if it doesn’t ascribe to your views because it won’t Before you begin. This is not critique of IK’s abilities to rule.please IK tigers realize I am a tiger too but Pakistan is an idea that is more important than idea of IK or PTI. I would like to keep my...
  4. alis

    Making Naya Pakistan

    Some recommendations
  5. S

    KPK Govt Launched clean and green mobile Android application

  6. alis

    Most immediate issues that IK lead govt should address. (Discussion)

    I think the current PTI mandate is clear, People are sick of this repetitive humiliation by the system. what do you think are the most important aspects that the IK government should be focusing. Let's be realistic and suggest things that are doable by a government right now. (no long term...
  7. D

    Adlia aur Fauj nay Naye Pakistan ki bunyad rakhdi hai - Dr. Danish

    After Supreme Court's verdict and COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa's speech today, Dr. Danish is confident that Naya Pakistan will now come in to being, InshaAllah! 2369799989912891
  8. M Shakeel Mirza

    Loosing close relationships for PTI / PMLN ? Why calling this a win-win situation?

    Time will tell its a right or wrong decision but Imran Khan disappointed everyone. Nawaz Shareef said earlier that IK will finish his political carrer and he might be smiling somewhere. Govt ensures to flop this Lock Down by putting containers and they succeeded. On the other hand PMLN...
  9. WahabGull

    Say no to ballot paper

    Why Election Commission of Pakistan didn't introduce EVS(Electronic Voting System) in this election? All the following countries already using this system where thumb impression verification and registering the vote can be done in one click. India, Australia,Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Estonia...
  10. itxpert

    Post Motivational Messages Here

    Please post your favorite Messages here so we can sms, email others for Naya Pakistan (clap) Inspirational, Motivational Messages are required for those who still believe in old Pakistan... (thumbsdown) Lets spread the word....
  11. hamdani

    PTI office inauguration in Rawalpindi, workers fight & misbehaved with media

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  12. B

    Voices for a Roshan Pakistan! - PMLN new TV Ad

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  13. Machar

    Imran Khan Speech in PTI's Swat Jalsa - 31st March 2013

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  14. webnise

    Naya Pak Kaisa Hoga - PTI Launches Naya Pakistan Plan !!

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    New Song Junaid Jamshaid " Naya Pakistan Banana hai.....Inshallah..." Exclusive