Future of Pakistan - Naya Pakistan or otherwise


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Admins:= Please don’t delete this post if it doesn’t ascribe to your views because it won’t

Before you begin. This is not critique of IK’s abilities to rule.please IK tigers realize I am a tiger too but Pakistan is an idea that is more important than idea of IK or PTI. I would like to keep my post short so I will talk in bullet points:=

1. Pakistan is a reality that can not be undone. From geo-political strategic perspective and ideological perspective in global and Muslim world we have greater importance and a potential which we haven’t fully capitalized.

2.Pakistan was created by people, like Jinnah and Iqbal who did not beg for help and earned their respect. Our history is both rich in culture and deep rooted in struggle and values.

3. It’s possible that Naya Pakistan is not destination but a stepping stone towards journey

4. It’s possible IK is not the messiah but the eventual stepping stone towards that leader

5. Point 3 and 4 is not just related to IMF / WB loans. These are same loans taken by PPP and PML-N. it seems like PTI couldn’t do anything different.

6. IK can’t fix all problems of all Pakistan at once. Probably no leader can

7. But we can put country on right path by doing the following :=

a. Setting example of ethical leadership
b. Removing cronyism and dynastic politics of sharifs and Bhuttos from corridors of power
C. Promoting merit in bureaucracy and governance of state
d. Promoting honesty and transparency in politics.
e. Holding accountable not just zardari and sharifs but those within PTI and those allied with PTI like Q league
F. Educating people of losses to exchequer because of corrupt political and bureaucratic leadership.
g. Establish institutional and legislative reform that sets a permanent and irreversible trend to root out corruption so even if anything other than PTI is able to form government they may not be able to restore dynastic politics and they may not be able to perform corruption
h. For example, immediate family members of former PMs can’t become PM again
I. Punishment for corruption should be so extreme that high officials in politics or bureaucracy think twice before doing it e.g. life imprisonments or even capital punishment.


MPA (400+ posts)
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8. Even if all points in step 8 are done it will be first step towards institutional reform in Pakistan. Perhaps rooting out corruption will lead to more effective implementation of IMF and WB programs. Most importantly it will positively impact successful implementation of cpec programs. And eventually Pakistan will be set on the right path.