Most immediate issues that IK lead govt should address. (Discussion)


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I think the current PTI mandate is clear, People are sick of this repetitive humiliation by the system. what do you think are the most important aspects that the IK government should be focusing. Let's be realistic and suggest things that are doable by a government right now. (no long term changes)
My ideas (Not in any specific order) :

1.Adoption of Sehat ka insaf from KP and implementing in in Punjab and Balochistan.
2.Adoption of Taleem ka insaf from KP and implementing in in Punjab and Balochistan.
3.Adoption of Local government act from KP on other provinces.
4. Streamlining NAB/LEAs SOPs for a fast and smooth process and enhancing the consequences for corruption.
5. Streamlining Judiciary to serve justice on basis of equality and in specific time limit.
6. Reduction of MNA/MPA funds.
7. Water infrastructure in Karachi
8.Rehabilitation and then privatisation of state owned organizations.
9. Re-negotiations of contracts with IPPs for better deals.
10. Reduction of general subsidies and eventual elimination from utilities.
11. Tax reforms
12. Banking sector reforms to improve transparency and enhance move towards CASHLESS economy (enhancing tax coverage) hence formalizing shadow businesses and industries.
13. Mainstreaming of Madaris for controlling extremist narrative.
14. Mainstreaming E-GOV applications and smart card utilization/Biometric identity (Biometric passport/NICs) to eliminate paper from government making corruption difficult and reduce misuse.
15. Inclusion of OSPs into election from 2023.
16. Reforms of ECP and introduction of foolproof voting system.
17.Work toward new provinces in all older province to bring government to the grassroots.
18. Land reforms and digitations of land records through GIS/RS (computer tech) to enhancing work flow and eliminating avenues for corruption and land grabs by mafia.
19. Conception and financing of new viable and politically sound dams.
20. Streamlining new business/investment opportunities to improve 'doing business' ranking and attract OSPs and foreign investments.
21. Governmental reforms for reassessment and negotiation of government job contracts for filtering out political appointees and corrupt officials from all government institutions.

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I can't even imagine how IK would have handled if he had won in 2013

now he has a proven record and all the plans in place to take it to the next level


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most immediate issue is getting the majority of seats so that he can make govt in Punjab. Once that is done he needs the right people in positions such as CM of KPK and Punjab, then foreign minister etc...... If he can get that right then he will not need to think about KPK and Punjab that much the leaders of that respective areas will do the job of change.

Then NAB and FDA selection he needs top people who perform to the highest level for those positions.
Then economical situation tax collection, load sheeding issues, farmers rights ( i would ask haroon rasheed for advice on there issues as he has been talking a lot about it), water issues as well..........................