PTI office inauguration in Rawalpindi, workers fight & misbehaved with media


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Could just be over crowding in such a tight space, causing panic in people.

On samma tv it was also said that this was due to fight between PMLN and PTI workers.


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Jab tak 'media bikta rahay ga, Pit-ta rahay ga, Insha Allah

anyway, this shows the PASSION AND JAZBA of people...The only thing is that we need to make it 'CONTROLLED'.


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stunami ise hi kehatay hain



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same mob of 100 pmln workers who attached IK's home few days back are responsible.... Efiderene smuggler is using his dirty tactics...


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Wow! its a revolution , look at the people of Pindi going crazy for Imran..and Geo is crappin about one sahafi whose clothes are ripped?I bet that is a lifafa sahafi....


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Video is quite contrary to whats reported... It clearly shows glass of door/window broken due to overcrowding and "dhakam-pail" scenario...

I cannot not see any fighting out there, or any one with sticks etc, as claimed by Geo TV?? Its just a huge crowd which lead to panic and mismanagement !!


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this could be the work of opposition to undermine Imran Khan, those who did this may nave been planted by other parties. time will clear all this, I am sure. Iman leaving this place is another indication and Imran came to realize this and thought it better to leave than to get hurt by those planted ones, but rest assure he will clear this.

Imran khan will not only will expose these nincompoops, and will fix them too.


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Just over crowding, people of Pindi going crazy for Imran.
Media is


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I wouldn't be surprized if these were the PMLN goons with PTI flags, sent by the Drug Dealer. Otherwise I dont see any reason why PTI member would do this. There was no controversy on this seat, because IK himself is a candidate here.


You can't blame the whole population due to misbehave by a small sample of population. Pakistani people, majority, are emotional need to educate them and we will do it inshAllah. Rather than investing on unnecessary infrastructure, our manifesto says that we will first invest in social infrastructure i.e. education and health then all other things.

Plus, our politics is filled with senior ghundas i.e. Mr. Abbasi and Shebaz Sharif and Ch. Nisar they might have sent their junior ghundas to do this but eventually it will work in favor of PTI, NA-56, one of the most educated constituency in Pakistan, will choose PTI.


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محترم انقلاب اگر دوسرے طریقے سے آے ، درد تو آپ کو تک بھی ہو گا

آپ کو انقلاب پر اعتراض ھے یا طریقے پر
تھوڑی سی وضاحت فرما دیجئے



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@CoolDool in 10 mei marney waley MQM k he they sarey

باقی پنجاب بھر کے پولنگ اسٹیشنز پر فوج تعینات کی جایے تاکہ الیکشن ڈے پرعوام کو تحریک انصاف کی غنڈہ گردی سے بچایا جا سکے


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to be honest, I feel good when people are sooooo desperate to get closer to my leader, this things shows he is going to win this constituency, he is so popular, people are dying to see him. otherwise imran khan used to come in this area 5years ago, and i dont think people even knew it.