I am & will fight to the end , Pakistan will get its Azadi Today :- Imran Khan Speech in Morning


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پی ٹی آئی والوں لاہور میں پولیس کے تمام تھانوں کو آگ لگاو اور پھر یاتی عمرہ کی طرف مارچ کرو ۔۔ یہ ہے پالیسی

Asad Khan

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Damnit, even at the worst of times, this man just never stops to inspire you.Hats off to your courage and perseverance Khan, truly someone Pakistan feels proud of.


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General BMW please come out till to late



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I think the end is near for Imran Khan

Their trump card was army intervention to get rid of NS and let army plan clean election, but army also went the Najam Sethi way. He is cornered now sadly, his crowd is not a mob or gangsters, they are families and they will not come due to police violence

We will have Nawaz as king now and even Raheel Sharif may end up being his darbari. Time will tell, but Imran Khan was used very well by the army
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