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Thanks for was informative (correct or not, no idea bcz to have reliability on DAILY DAWN is very difficult), however...i agree to the extent the in past we not built any institution/center of knowledge and research of quality in any of the muslim world including Pakistan...reason main the corruption and criminal mentality of our political mafia...the new Govt has in challenges one after other, of extent and nature unprecedented in the history of Pakistan ...and our political mafia with help of its ally in corruption including media is on surge to sabotage this only patriotic honest leadership of Pakistan elected by Pakistanis to get rid of these mafias.....What my concern is that even in this video the criticism on Govt is very much there but the accountability of International biological terrorism is missing....are we going to let the people go of all the suffering and deaths of our Pakistani and all other innocent people in the world bcz of these countries terrorism and adventurism....No we must not matter what happens the world must make such countries/govts NGOs and agencies accountable who are involved into this....Enough of this Cowardice (wahunn)...let the heaven fall...if we have to die we will die at once...such humiliation/cruelty and terrorism must not be accepted by us...otherwise it will become a new norm in the world...Pakistan must not let its people death go in vain....besides we must work on development of state of art scientific institution (though its already been late)....Enough !!!!


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Both the brother are delusional and nut cases...
They need to see a shrink!!!


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Statement will make much more sense if replace critics with ruthless mafias and blackmailers...
Arrogance and Buzdar are two things which will be the reason of Niazi govt down fall, just wait and watch .......
Niazi sahab cant even close Jumma prayers while Murad Ali shah did it!
Niazi cant control the lock down while Sindh CM has done it!
I cant believe Murad ALi shah of Zardari party performing while NIAZI is surrounded by inept duffers and ISPR have to take the lead.