Colonel Gaddafi owns Saudi King Abdullah!


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We consider this guy to be a foolish dictator, but what he says in this video is quite relevant and honest to the situation in the Arabian peninsula..

The Saudi royal family was installed by the British Empire as a proxy against the Ottoman Caliphate..The father of the current king Abdullah of Saudi, Ibn Saud, was funded by Britishers and since then has been protected by the American govt..After Kamal Attaturk overthrew the Caliph in Turkey, Muslim leaders from all parts of the world were uniting to elect a new Caliph but the Saudi King hijacked the conference and thus prevented the re-establishment of the Caliphate system..


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Saudi scholars support Libyan uprising

Jeddah, March 1: Saudi scholars have declared their support for the ongoing people's struggle against Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and expressed their concern at the violence unleashed by forces loyal to the embattled administration.

Member of the Saudi Council of Senior Religious Scholars Sheikh Saleh Al-Lehaydan denied that he ever issued a fatwa condemning the Libyan protesters for opposing Qaddafi.

He also said that Qaddafi squandered Libya's rich resources on stupid whims. "Qaddafi banned the Holy Qur'an and Sunna and replaced them with his Green Book," the Saudi scholar said, adding that international organizations should make a concerted effort to help the Libyan people, who are heading for a humanitarian crisis. Source
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So if the people rise up against Libyan leaders oppression it is in line with Islamic injunctions but if they rise up against the rulers of KSA they are going against Islam?

How very convenient!