1. United4Pak

    Why Rangers gave reference to Missing Containers? ( please don't merge)

    Rangers head at the time retracted his statement about missing containers case. The commission also noted that majority of ammunition used in Karachi is locally made or from China. US also denied that none of the Ammunition for Afghanistan went through Karachi. Commission also found that...
  2. Bilal_Mushi

    FBR confirms 24,000 containers missing from Karachi Port

    FBR confirms 24,000 containers missing from Karachi Port Ansar Abbasi Wednesday, September 07, 2011 ISLAMABAD: Thousands of Nato, ISAF and US Military containers have reportedly gone missing inside Pakistan during the last four years amid...
  3. biomat

    To the point shazaib khanzada... Missing?? Mirza was right?

    Dear all. Can anyone share WHERE IS SHAHZAIB KHANZADA from TO THE POINT EXPRESS TV?? Mirza was right he told khanzada that your owner will not let this interview on air completely. He asked khanzada to take oath on QURAN that he would air complete interview.. Waiting for reliable info...
  4. E

    Tonight with Jasmeen - 18th August 2011- From Civil Hospital with relatives of missing persons

  5. Nawazish

    Japanese police say people have returned $78 million in missing cash after quake

    Japanese police say people have returned $78 million in missing cash after quake. "The fact that a hefty 2.3 billion yen in cash has been returned to its owners shows the high level of ethical awareness in the Japanese people," In the five months since a devastating earthquake struck...
  6. mohib

    Disrupted dialogue: Purported Taliban negotiator goes missing

    ISLAMABAD: It may have been just talk after all. A purported Taliban official mediating with the Americans can no longer be traced, frustrating the US attempts to hold another round of talks as they seek a negotiated settlement to the decade-old conflict in Afghanistan, officials said on Sunday...
  7. E

    Supreme Court wants list of missing workers of MQM

  8. WatanDost

    Glasses of Gandhi missing from Indian museum - India feel blind.

    Glasses of Gandhi missing from Indian museum Mon Jun 13 PLEASE DONT BLAME ISI FOR THIS. http://jazbablog.com
  9. M Ali Khan

    Pak journalist goes missing for writing about terror links between Al-Qaeda and Pak Navy officers

    http://www.dawn.com/2011/05/30/journalist-saleem-shahzad-goes-missing.html Syed Saleem Shahzad, the Pakistan bureau chief of Asia Times Online, went missing Sunday evening, DawnNews reported. Days before his disappearance, Shahzad had authored an article that alleged links between navy...
  10. Bilal_Mushi

    Osamas son Hamza missing since US raid

    Osamas son missing since US raid One of Osama bin Ladens sons went missing after the US raid in Abbottabad. Quoting Pakistani officials as saying, a British newspaper reported that Osamas widows also said that Hamza had not been seen since the May 2 raid. The Pakistani investigators...
  11. canadian

    The Great Deceit,President Goes Missing !!

    The great deceit by Shyema Sajjad Its not like I choose to always write when the president goes missing but as luck would have it, those are the only times worth speaking out. Where I have often called for the president and prime minister sometimes receiving a not-so-supportive response...
  12. hans

    Saudi Guy Missing Since This Interview!!

    Watch the Video and feel .... how lucky we are .. atlest we have Siasat.pk to express our selves... or Press is Free, our TV is free....to a point.... "Fear not the ant but what it can do". One day inshallah with Guidance of Allah SWT The Country of Hijjaz will be free. Ameen. Saudi...
  13. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 14th April 2011 - Dr Fozia Siddiqi - Missing People Case, When Will Judiciay Fulfil

  14. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Illegal departure: Models twins still missing

    Illegal departure: Models twins still missing By Asad Kharal Published: April 7, 2011 Lawyer says Sophia Mirza is being pressed for out-of-court settlement. LAHORE: Security officials are yet to recover the twin daughters of the model/artist Sophia Mirza, who were illegally taken away...
  15. simple_and_peacefull

    Missing persons: Relatives start Train March to Islamabad

    THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE DATED : 3/4/11 QUETTA: Relatives of missing persons started their Train March towards Islamabad from Quetta here on Saturday. The relatives will set up hunger strike camps in front of the Supreme Court and the National Assembly. Twenty-three people, including women and...
  16. A

    News about missing persons in last two days only - Are we living in jungle?

  17. canadian

    The missing taxpayers,Travel Abroad,Live In Palatial Homes,Drive Luxury Vehicles !!!

    The missing taxpayers by Murtaza Haider 28th, 2011 They travel abroad regularly, live in palatial homes and drive luxury vehicles. They are 2.3-million strong they are the affluent Pakistanis who are also distinguished because they do not pay any taxes. They dont even have a tax number...
  18. Raaz

    20 dead, 23 missing in Sorang mine collapse- Who will take care of them?

    According to Quetta Deputy Commissioner Captain (r) Muhammad Tariq, the rescue operation was being conducted and nothing could be said about the condition of the miners trapped in the mine. He said that the rescuers were making efforts to recover the miners safely. Who will listen to this...
  19. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Japan disaster dead, missing toll tops 18,000: Police

    Japan disaster dead, missing toll tops 18,000: Police By AFP Published: March 19, 2011 The number of people confirmed as dead or listed as missing by Japan's national police agency tops 18,000. PHOTO: AFP TOKYO: The number of people confirmed as dead or listed as missing by Japans...
  20. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Notices issued: Petition for lawyer missing after Hajj

    Notices issued: Petition for lawyer missing after Hajj Published: March 19, 2011 KARACHI: The state was put on notice on Friday for a lawyer, Abdul Samad, who went missing after he was taken into custody by Saudi Arabian authorities in November 2010 after performing Hajj. The Nawabshah...