1. Bilal_Mushi

    Why to drag Army into minor issues : Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan

    ‘Army action to weaken democracy’ By Khawar Ghumman | Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan addresses press conference about cabinet meeting in Islamabad on Wednesday. – Photo by PPI ISLAMABAD: The government said on Wednesday that army...
  2. hans

    IAF lost 46 fighters in 7 years. flight safety issues.

    Indian Air Fore facing Quality Control issues. NEW DELHI: Indian Air Force (IAF) has in all lost 46 fighter aircraft in little less than seven years since 2005, government said on Wednesday. "During 2008 to August 17, 2011, a total of 26 fighter planes of IAF had crashed. During the...
  3. ealtaf

    WasebTV - 19th August 2011 - PTI Fauzia Kasuri on Current Issues
  4. A

    Why Imran Khan always keeps silence on national issues ?? Anything from Imran Khan about saraiki pro

    Anything from ik about saraiki province any policy about new provinces ?????
  5. Bilal_Mushi

    SC issues written verdict of Hajj scandal case

    SC issues written verdict of Hajj scandal case ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court on Tuesday issued written verdict of Hajj scandal case, Geo News reported. SC has summoned DG FIA to appear before the court personally tomorrow (Wednesday). The apex court has also ordered...
  6. QaiserMirza

    Issues Pertaining to Fasting and Ramadhan

    Issues Pertaining to Fasting and Ramadhan
  7. Night_Hawk

    Zulfikar Mirza apologises for comments / Zulfiqar Mirza issues video apology - Kaya Faida aisi apolo

    Jab nashay"Iqtadar ka Nasha" mein hoon tu sub kuch bhool jata hay. Zulfikar Mirza apologises for comments APP (3 hours ago) Today PPP leader Zulfikar Mirza. — File photo KARACHI: Sindh Senior Minister for Works and Services, Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has said that his remarks at a...
  8. A

    What is important currunt issues and current policies or history ??

    Dear friends ... ... Aap ki nazar main kia important hay current issues and policies ya phir guzre howe din maheene ya saal ????? Kia koi kafir ager muslim ho jaye ya koi be namazi koi namaz shoro kar de aur bure amal choor de to hame kaise pukarain ge kafir ya muslim .. Namazi ya be namazi...
  9. Islamabad Tonight

    Islamabad Tonight - 23rd June 2011 - Marvi Memon & Ayat Ullah Durani - Discussion on Zardari's Speec

  10. gazoomartian

    Embassy issues 67 visas for CIA staff

    Gazoo Notes: some people still think that CIA operatives can be trusted. We should embrace for more Raymond Davis style murders of our citizens. I wonder Zardari has made $67million to approves 67 visas. al aman al hafeez(cry) WASHINGTON, June 22: The Pakistan Embassy here has issued 67...
  11. PAINDO

    Faisala Aap Ka - 18th June 2011 - Omar Cheema on issues of masses

  12. Night_Hawk

    Time to act on women's issues

    Time to act on women's issues By SAMAR FATANY | ARAB NEWS Some are misinterpreting Islamic teachings to the detriment of weaker sex The debate among scholars and the lack of Muslim consensus on Islamic teachings...
  13. J

    Pak court issues notice to A Q Khan

    Islamabad High Court (IHC) has issued notice to renowned nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan against a plea seeking restrictions on free movement of the scientist Source :
  14. maksyed

    PEMRA issues notices to 4 TV channels for provoking anti-national sentiments

    PEMRA issues notices to 4 TV channels for provoking anti-national sentiments ISLAMABAD, Jun 3, 2011 (APP) Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Friday issued notices to Geo News, Dawn News, News One and Dunya News for being irresponsible and provoking anti-national...
  15. fahid_asif

    Gillani started talking about Aishwariya with Indian delegation leaving aside other Important issue

    What is our prime minister doing ! Response by Naveed qamar. (Na rhey bans na bajey bansuri. Ashwariya waikhan da te fair e na )
  16. Tonight With Jasmeen

    Tonight with Jasmeen - 24th May 2011 - Salim Bukhari & Hamayon Akhtar - Major Issues Of Pak:Governan

  17. 11th Hour

    11th Hour - 24th May 2011 - Kamil Ali Agha & Samsam Bukhari - Leadership Attitude Towards Sensitive

  18. QaiserMirza

    The Three Issues you cant Joke About

    The Three Issues you cant Joke About On the authority of Abu Hurayrah; the Messenger - صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم - said: There are three affairs that are serious, whether you say them seriously or jokingly, they are serious: Marriage, divorce and taking back your [divorced] wife. The...
  19. haqiqat

    latest taqreer from london on latest issues live

    :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  20. johny

    Our politicians are very concerned about security issues

    IK and Javed hashmi.....PTI main aja Punjab ka CM tou Choudheries to hamkhyal...... hamaray sath aja mnistery or next election pakka PM gilani to...