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  • Hello dearest.,
    my name is viviana i saw your profile today and became intrested in you,i have an important issue to discuss with you. please contact me at ([email protected]) so that i will send you my picture and tell you more about me, Awaiting for your mail to my email address above viviana.
    Mr. Badami, You are good in your job but why are you people giving so much imortance to ( mirza). He is so rude and racecist, over confident and (doghla) double standerd person. He is just against MQM but favour to Peer muzhar ul haq and Asif zardari and his wife is still working with them. don't make any sense. I just want to say "why media just don't promote the right people". why you people talk with sharmila farooqi, faisal abdi, shajeel memon, etc when you get no results, just to defend to wrong persons(gelani & zardari). Is that all business
    Salam Badami bhai.im from UK & always watch ur programme MashAllah u do speak quite well and understand all the isues u want to talk.but if u dont mind plz in future do not bring sharmila farooqi in ur programme cz she does not have those gutts of speak or guide our pakistani/inocent nation hope u will think about it.thanx
    hi badami,i thought u speak truth but all the anchors are lier and cowards(buzdil)you all do,nt speak against mqm army,only mqm is the cause of voilance in karachi,i am from karachi know very well,no body can enter in their mohallas.no one can speak agaist them also media.shame on you all the media
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