freedom of speech

  1. M Ali Khan

    Is Free Speech Good for Muslims?

    Important New York Times column by Muslim writer Mustafa Aykol which everyone concerned with Islamophobia and racism faced by Muslims in West should read and think over. Is Free Speech Good for Muslims? by Mustafa Akyol MARCH 27, 2017 At the senate in The Hague in November during talks to...
  2. S

    FRONTLINE KASHMIR page with 29,000 members blocked in Kashmir and India by TRAI. Hell with Indian De

    In another bid to muzzle the voice of innocent and oppressed Kashmiris, Telecom regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has blocked the URL of the largest Pro-freedom Kashmiri facebook Page "FRONTLINE KASHMIR" with 28,000 above regular members. FRONTLINE KASHMIR page is no more visible in Occupied...