FRONTLINE KASHMIR page with 29,000 members blocked in Kashmir and India by TRAI. Hell with Indian De

In another bid to muzzle the voice of innocent and oppressed Kashmiris, Telecom regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has blocked the URL of the largest Pro-freedom Kashmiri facebook Page "[URL=""]FRONTLINE KASHMIR[/URL]" with 28,000 above regular members. FRONTLINE KASHMIR page is no more visible in Occupied Kashmir and in India. It was the page which spearheaded the Online Struggle of the Kashmiris against the illegitimate occupation of Kashmir by the Indian forces. It used to update and inform the masses about the atrocities and crimes committed by the Indian forces and it's puppet authorities against the innocent Kashmiris. This page was also hacked previously in August 2010 by the Indian hackers but admins were successfully able to rebuild the page.

India claims to be the largest democracy of the world, yet it's hell bent on snatching all the basic human rights of Kashmiris. Local and Foreign media is banned in Kashmir since last summer and only Pro-indian media networks are allowed to operate in Occupied Kashmir. Facebook is the only mean to keep the world updated and informed about the daily happenings but now Indian authorities are trying to put a curb on social networks too, using all its means to suppress the voice of oppressed Kashmiris who are struggling for Freedom from India since past 63 years.

India can try to silence us by torturing us, killing our brothers, raping our sisters and detaining our elders, putting curbs on media and blocking our pages and websites but it won't be able to break our resolve, determination, Passion and motivation for the Freedom Of Kashmir.

New page has been launched for FRONTLINE KASHMIR. Link for that page is here ; FRONTLINE KASHMIR

Frontline kashmir TWITTER


all anti indian pages which support cessation ,Taliban kind of islamic extremism in an indian state should be banned!!

We dont want to give freedom to people who want to make kashmir a new taliban!!

World doesnt want free kashmir and noone wants to see a muslim extremist nation !


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Now why does the west not call this terrorism when it is clearly that!!!?

Not to worry as truth will win the day, i have full faith in the justice of Allah.
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