1. FaisalLatif

    Pakistan will do what it wants, No matter what USA says : CIA Islamabad Station Chief

    Trapped in an unhappy geopolitical marriage The US and Pakistan still need one another - but the US should adopt a more realistic approach towards its fickle ally. Robert Grenier Last Modified: 15 Jul 2011 10:17 The US cut its support to the Pakistani military by almost a third this...
  2. L

    Campaigners seek arrest of former CIA legal chief over Pakistan drone attacks

    UK human rights lawyer leads bid to have John Rizzo arrested over claims he approved attacks that killed hundreds of people The CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Photograph: Danita Delimont/Getty Images/Gallo Images Campaigners against US drone strikes in Pakistan are calling for the...
  3. L

    Petraeus meets with Pakistans army chief And Pasha met acting CIA director Michael Morell

    ISI chief meets acting CIA Director Morell Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha and acting CIA Director Michael Morell have agreed to improve cooperation on matters relating to national security of Pakistan and the US in a meeting on Thursday. Both the intelligence...
  4. S

    Pak-US Relations: CIA Vs ISI

    By General Mirza Aslam Beg There are two issues, which are the main cause of strained relations between Pakistan and the United States of America. One is, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), trying to reclaim its territory lost to CIA during the past regime and the second is the Taliban...
  5. Fursan

    Pakistan will continue busting private CIA rings, ISI to tell US

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistans top spy chief is purportedly going to give the following message to his American counterpart in Washington: yes to formalised anti-terror cooperation, no to private CIA network. Chief of Pakistans premier spy agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lt-Gen Ahmed...
  6. Wadaich

    CIA And Pentagon Itching For Pakistan War

    The more America gets closer to that goal, CIA and US military in Afghanistan do something stupid to raise tensions with Pakistan. The drones have been doing that job for some time now. But recently CIA operatives have joined hands with likeminded rogue elements inside NDS [the National...
  7. hans

    Who is Dr. Shakil Afridi?... and ways to get your US Green Card.

    US pressures Islamabad to free doctor who helped CIA track down Bin Laden. Divisions grow amid calls for release of Shakil Afridi, who ran fake vaccination programme to get al-Qaida leader's DNA. Washington is pressing Islamabad to release a doctor being held for helping the CIA track down...
  8. L

    Spy vs Spy (CIA & ISI)

  9. mohib

    CIA organised fake vaccinations to obtain Osama bin Laden's family DNA

    The CIA organised a fake vaccination programme in the town where it believed Osama bin Laden was hiding in an elaborate attempt to obtain DNA from the fugitive al-Qaida leader's family, a Guardian investigation has found. As part of extensive preparations for the raid that killed Bin Laden in...
  10. A

    Is Col. Qaddafi, a Dictator? NO!

    Is Col. Qaddafi really a dictator? -DR. ABDUL RUFF ---------- The unilateral USA is world's largest terrorist state threatening the world peace and the global dictator that promotes terrorism in order to purse its illegal objectives world wide - now is entirely focused on oil rich Mideast...
  11. A

    A Destabilized Egypt Combats Economic Crisis

    A Destabilized Egypt Combats Economic Crisis Egypt Combats CIA-imposed Economic Crisis -DR. ABDUL RUFF ______***_______ The freedom struggles in Mideast, engineered by CIA to advance US economic and political interests has unleashed acute tensions, huge deaths and devastating...
  12. WatanDost

    CIA's heart of darkness

    A former CIA operative has described how he was torn between serving his country and refusing to 'torture' a man he believed was innocent. He was told to 'do whatever is necessary' - subverting Geneva conventions in favour of the American flag. He said he was shocked at the order to use...
  13. canadian

    CIA shifts drone operations to Afghan bases !!!

    CIA shifts drone operations to Afghan bases By MAQBOOL MALIK Submitted 20 hrs 57 mins ago ISLAMABAD - The US central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has diversified sources for drone operations on Pak-Afghan border after Pakistans growing anger and reluctance to allow use of its Shamsi Air Base for...
  14. Geek

    CIA's secret Iraq weapon revealed: a Saddam gay sex tape

    Bizarre US plots included exploding cigars to kill Fidel Castro and fake video of Osama bin Laden's campfire drinking In their time, America's secret agencies have tried some outlandish schemes to attack their country's enemies, including, most famously, an attempt to do away with...
  15. billo786

    CIA using stealth Drones to spy on Pakistan

  16. kashnex

    CIA used "Spy Hen" to find Osama - Sources

  17. gazoomartian

    Embassy issues 67 visas for CIA staff

    Gazoo Notes: some people still think that CIA operatives can be trusted. We should embrace for more Raymond Davis style murders of our citizens. I wonder Zardari has made $67million to approves 67 visas. al aman al hafeez(cry) WASHINGTON, June 22: The Pakistan Embassy here has issued 67...
  18. IndiaGuy

    CIA instigating mutiny in the Pakistani army - By M K Bhadrakumar

    The unthinkable is happening. The United States is confronting the Pakistani military leadership of General Parvez Kayani. An extremely dangerous course to destabilise Pakistan is commencing. Can the outcome be any different than in Iran in 1979? But then, the Americans are like Bourbons; they...
  19. P

    CIA and Americans, right and left hand of jews
  20. J

    Arrested CIA agents will be dealt friendly- Hussain Haqani