CIA instigating mutiny in the Pakistani army - By M K Bhadrakumar


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The unthinkable is happening. The United States is confronting the Pakistani military leadership of General Parvez Kayani. An extremely dangerous course to destabilise Pakistan is commencing. Can the outcome be any different than in Iran in 1979? But then, the Americans are like Bourbons; they never learn from their mistakes.

The NYT report today is unprecedented. The report quotes US officials not less than 7 times, which is extraordinary, including an American military official involved with Pakistan for many years; a senior American official, etc. The dispatch is cleverly drafted to convey the impression that a number of Pakistanis have been spoken to, but reading between the lines, conceivably, these could also probably have been indirect attribution by the American sources. A careful reading, in fact, suggests that the dispatch is almost entirely based on deep briefing by some top US intelligence official with great access to records relating to the most highly sensitive US interactions with the Pak army leadership and who was briefing on the basis of instructions from the highest level of the US intelligence apparatus.

The report no doubt underscores that the US intelligence penetration of the Pak defence forces goes very deep. It is no joke to get a Pakistani officer taking part in an exclusive briefing by Kayani at the National Defence University to share his notes with the US interlocutors unless he is their mole. This is like a morality play for we Indians, too, where the US intelligence penetration is ever broadening and deepening. Quite obviously, the birds are coming to roost. Pakistani military is paying the price for the big access it provided to the US to interact with its officer corps within the framework of their so-called strategic partnership. The Americans are now literally holding the Pakistani army by its jugular veins. This should serve as a big warning for all militaries of developing countries like India (which is also developing intensive mil-to-mil ties with the US). In our country at least, it is even terribly unfashionable to speak anymore of CIA activities. The NYT story flags in no uncertain terms that although Cold War is over, history has not ended.

What are the objectives behind the NYT story? In sum, any whichever way we look at it, they all are highly diabolic. One, US is rubbishing army chief Parvez Kayani and ISI head Shuja Pasha who at one time were its own blue-eyed boys and whose successful careers and post-retirement extensions in service the Americans carefully choreographed fostered with a pliant civilian leadership in Islamabad, but now when the crunch time comes, the folks are not delivering. In American culture, as they say, there is nothing like free lunch. The Americans are livid that their hefty investment has turned out to be a waste in every sense. And. it was a very painstakingly arranged investment, too. In short, the Americans finally realise that they might have made a miscalculationabout Kayani when they promoted his career.

Two, US intelligence estimation is that things can only go from bad to worse in US-Pakistan relations from now onward. All that is possible to slavage the relationship has been attempted. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Mike Mullen the so-called friends of Pakistan in the Barack Obama administration have all come to Islamabad and turned on the charm offensive. But nothing worked. Then came CIA boss Leon Panetta with a deal that like Marlon Brando said in the movie Godfather, Americans thought the Pakistanis cannot afford to say No to, but to their utter dismay, Kayani showed him the door.

The Americans realise that Kayani is fighting for his own survival and so is Pasha and that makes him jettison his pro-American mindset and harmonise quickly with the overwhelming opinion within the army, which is that the Americans pose a danger to Pakistans national security and it is about time that the military leadership draws a red line. Put simply, Pakistan fears that the Americans are out to grab their nuclear stockpile. Pakistani people and the military expect Kayani to disengage from the US-led Afghan war and instead pursue an independent course in terms of the countrys perceived legitimate interests.

Three, there is a US attempt to exploit the growing indiscipline within the Pak army and, if possible, to trigger a mutiny, which will bog down the army leadership in a serious domestic crisis that leaves no time for them for the foreseeable future to play any forceful role in Afghanistan. In turn, it leaves the Americans a free hand to pursue their own agenda. Time is of the essence of the matter and the US desperately wants direct access to the Taliban leadership so as to strike a deal with them without the ISI or Hamid Karzai coming in between.

The prime US objective is that Taliban should somehow come to a compromise with them on the single most crucial issue of permanent US military bases in Afghanistan. The negotiations over the strategic partnership agreement with Karzais government are at a critical point. The Taliban leadership of Mullah Omar robustly opposes the US proposal to set up American and NATO bases on their country. The Americans are willing to take the Taliban off the UNs sanctions list and allow them to be part of mainstream Afghan political life, including in the top echelons of leadership, provided Mullah Omar and the Quetta Shura agree to play ball.

The US tried its damnest to get Kayani to bring the Taliban to the reconciliation path. When these attempts failed, they tried to establish direct contact with the Taliban leadership. But ISI has been constantly frustrating the US intelligence activities in this direction and reminding the US to stick to earlier pledges that Pakistan would have a key role in the negotiations with the Taliban. The CIA and Pentagon have concluded that so long as the Pakistani military leadership remains stubborn, they cannot advance their agenda in Afghanistan.

Now, how do you get Kayani and the ISI to back off? The US knows the style of functioning of the Pakistani military. The army chief essentially works within a collegium of the 9 corps commanders. Thus, US has concluded that it also has to tackle the collegium. The only way is to set the armys house on fire so that the generals get distracted by the fire-dousing and the massive repair work and housecleaning that they will be called upon to undertake as top priority for months if not years to come. To rebuild a national institution like the armed forces takes years and decades.

Four, the US wont mind if Kayani is forced to step aside from his position and the Pakistani military leadership breaks up in disarray, as it opens up windows of opportunities to have Kayani and Pasha replaced by more dependable people Uncle Sams own men. There is every possibility that the US has been grooming its favourites within the Pak army corps for all contingencies. Pakistan is too important as a key non-NATO ally. The CIA is greatly experienced in masterminding coup d-etat, including in-house coup detat. Almost all the best and the brightest Pak army officers have passed through the US military academies at one time or another. Given the sub-continents middle class mindset and post-modern cultural ethos, elites in civil or military life take it for granted that US backing is a useful asset for furthering career. The officers easily succumb to US intelligence entrapment. Many such sleepers should be existing there within the Pak army officer corps.

The big question remains: has someone in Washington thought through the game plan to tame the Pakistani military? The heart of the matter is that there is virulent anti-Americanism within the Pak armed forces. Very often it overlaps with Islamist sympathies. Old-style left wing anti-Americanism is almost non-existent in the Pakistani armed forces as in Ayaz Amirs time. These tendencies in the military are almost completely in sync with the overwhelming public opinion in the country as well.

Over the past 3 decades at least, Pakistani army officers have come to be recruited almost entirely from the lower middle class as in our country and not from the landed aristocracy as in the earlier decades up to the 1970s. These social strata are quintessentially right wing in their ideology, nationalistic, and steeped in religiosity that often becomes indistinguishable from militant religious faith.

Given the overall economic crisis in Pakistan and the utterly discredited Pakistani political class (as a whole) and countless other social inequities and tensions building up in an overall climate of cascading violence and great uncertainties about the future gnawing the mind of the average Pakistani today, a lurch toward extreme right wing Islamist path is quite possible. The ingredients in Pakistan are almost nearing those prevailing in Iran in the Shahs era.

The major difference so far has been that Pakistan has an armed forces rooted in the soil as a national institution, which the public respected to the point of revering it, which on its part, sincerely or not, also claimed to be the Praetorian Guards of the Pakistani state. Now, in life, destroying comes very easy. Unless the Americans have some very bright ideas about how to go about nation-building in Pakistan, going by their track record in neighbouring Afghanistan, their present course to discredit the military and incite its disintegration or weakening at the present crisis point, is fraught with immense dangers.

The instability in the region may suit the US geo-strategy for consolidating its (and NATOs) military presence in the region but it will be a highly self-centred, almost cynical, perspective to take on the problem, which has dangerous, almost explosive, potential for regional security. Also, who it is that is in charge of the Pakistan policy in Washington today, we do not know. To my mind, Obama administration doesnt have a clue since Richard Holbrooke passed away as to how to handlePakistan. The disturbing news in recent weeks has been that all the old Pakistan hands in the USG have left the Obama administration. It seems there has been a steady exodus of officials who knew and understood how Pakistan works, and the depletion is almost one hundred percent. That leaves an open field for the CIA to set the policies.

The CIA boss Leon Panetta (who is tipped as defence secretary) is an experienced and ambitious politico who knows how to pull the wires in the Washington jungle and, to boot it, he has an Italian name. He is unlikely to forgive and forget the humiliation he suffered in Rawalpindi last Friday. The NYT story suggests that it is not in his blood if he doesnt settle scores with the Rawalpindi crowd. If Marlon Brando were around, he would agree.

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please translate in plain urdu for indian friend


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Very painful and unacceptable but i agree this is the reality. It was biggest ever mistake made by Pak Army to embed US forces and CIA operatives with Pak Army and ISI. It was like to open flood gate for CIA agents and private contractors to penerate deep not only in Pakistani civil society but in GHQ and ISI. It is not a recent development but a thoughtful plan made by Washington long ago. Top brass of Pak Army and ISI either could not see the plot or they deliberatly let this happen for the sake of dollars. I belive Kiyani & Co. will open their eyes now and face the truth. To trust US blindly like Musharaf and Kiyani has led Pakistan to the point where there are imminent dangers to the security and stability of Pakistan as state on the world map. The so-called war on terror has cost Pakistan more than 35000 innocent civilians and uncountable casualities in Tribal Areas are in addition to this figure.

I wonder why Kiyani & Co. never asked themselves the question 'Why we the pakistanis are fighting this so-called war and what so far have we achieved?' America has practical destroyed Pakistan without fighting a direct war with us but ironically our ruling elite both millitary and civil still feel proud to be 'front-line' partner of United States.

I can just pray for my homeland; I belive Pakistan is made in the name of Islam and Allah will help us to save it if we ask for Allah's help and start moving in the right direction.

Long live Pakistan;

Pak Zindabad

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Does not matter where Indians reach, even if they start writing with International News agencies................Their target is to talk sh*t about Pakistan. They can't help it..................It is in their blood...........Low class thoughts.........low class life.


My question would be..... how much Sh*t shoulkd we produce per day before our own Pakistani feel that there is a Massive Sh*t*ng problem.

I do agree India / Pakistan Problem..... but who cares when we at our end are not able to correct what is due.

DO not forget, Zardari speech, does he not look scared. When was the last time we saw him barking like this. Every one know up and down the system that the daily Sh*t now stands like a Mountain.. if not close to K2 height.

We have to agree we as Pakistani stink like hell / Sh*t, for our internal and external policies.

Does not matter where Indians reach, even if they start writing with International News agencies................Their target is to talk sh*t about Pakistan. They can't help it..................It is in their blood...........Low class thoughts.........low class life.


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NOOOOOOOO please do not translate. This is the only language Endians understand:lol::lol:

Pak Zindabad

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@hans, We know our problems and we know who have created these problems in our beautiful country. Downfalls happen in the history of nation............sometime as a punishment. But we are atleast not Hypocrates like so called "Developed India" who is painting a good picture around the world but it is filled with sh*t all over. Take a look and read the description on pictures if you can,

So Indians don't need to worry about us, they better clean their own sh*t first.
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this is exactly the mentality of most Indians who harbor an irrational hate for Pakistanis.

Such population will continue to be manipulated by the political class and those that make the weapons that are bought with debt from the IMF.

India and Pakistan should just have a referendum in Kashmir and be done with it.

I am am very disappointed in the successful manipulation of Indian population in this regard.


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My question would be..... how much Sh*t shoulkd we produce per day before our own Pakistani feel that there is a Massive Sh*t*ng problem.

I do agree India / Pakistan Problem..... but who cares when we at our end are not able to correct what is due.

DO not forget, Zardari speech, does he not look scared. When was the last time we saw him barking like this. Every one know up and down the system that the daily Sh*t now stands like a Mountain.. if not close to K2 height.

We have to agree we as Pakistani stink like hell / Sh*t, for our internal and external policies.

We are equally annoyed of your foul smelling sh*t mr. hans raj hans !


The problem is that the Most important CIA agent is currently occupying the post of COAS . . . . . i.e. KIYANI . . . . .

Currently busy in a witch hunt to term every Patriotic Army Officer into a Hizb ut Tahrir Agent . . . . . . It will only be Kiyani's stupid actions which can lead Army to Mutiny . . . . .


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To hell with LP and his blood to settle score for his insult in Rawalpindi.

As said earlier many times on this forum, Endians are obsessed with Pakistan in a way that they can never stop thinking about us. Obviously something negative.. That's why I simply ignore them.

Yes, our military is also obsessed with US but I am unable to find the reason. For some reason I have found many army officers, I have met so far, crazy and eager to permanently settle down in US...why?

How would they say NO to US masters.

I agree that sh**t pile might be as high as K2 but still we can handle it. We simply should not trust US or NATO any more. Still we are an integrated country with so called semi functional democratic system and sufficient loyal people ready.

Can some on help me with this confusion :

An average citizen of this country can judge (who never stepped out of country and don't know much about west) what policies are against our interest and what cunning plan our enemies are executing against us then how come our top brass (be it military or political) routinely miscalculate or unable to judge?


However the Article has only one drawback . . . That it is written by an Indian . . . .

Any way the best thesis on the current situation . . . . . . .


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Indians sole purpose in life is to humiliate Pakistan garner the kind of hatred that they have in countries like US, they have the world's largest corrupt system, and they are fighting separatist militants in their NorthEast belt to the Maoists in the heartland who regard India as a master terrorist. So they try to divert people away from their problems to poke their freakin' nose in others' business.
But some background about this former Indian ambassador M K Bandarkumar.
This BandarKumar or Bhadrakumar was part of delegation that wrote about how Iran voted against Pakistan's Kashmir resolution in OIC in 1994 after which Pakistan would've tabled the resolution in the UN, but it got defeated as Iran voted against it saying that we have strong relations with both India and Pakistan and wish to pursue it. He wrote about it in 2005 when thankless India voted against Iran in the IAEA, and how much it "hurts" for Iranians who kinda supported India when it was almost cornered:

The Rediff Special/M K Bhadrakumar

Revealed: What Iran did for India and why it is hurt

October 03, 2005

Strikingly similar to the crisis that Iran faced at the IAEA Board meeting in Vienna last weekend, India too found itself in a tight spot in April 1994 at the United Nations Human Rights Commission's annual session in Geneva.
Curiously, India and Iran found themselves entangled with each other then too, as of now -- but with an entirely different body language.
If there is a Shakespearean touch to the sense of betrayal that Iran is so evidently harbouring today over India's vote against it at Vienna, how much of that harks back to silent memories of what had transpired between the two countries in 1994, we shall never quite know.
Persians may find it to be in bad taste to be blunt and forthright on such delicate issues as trust and betrayal.
In April 1994, when the UNHRC was assembling in Geneva, India faced an ugly situation. We were just pulling out of a grave economic crisis (of our own making, though) and were extremely vulnerable to the goodwill of international financial institutions.
More importantly, the Kashmir valley was burning -- witnessing some of the bloodiest violence in its unhappy history. The country itself was panting and heaving from the bloodletting of communal violence -- hidden medieval passions were tearing it apart.
Back in 1994, India was not yet possessed with the swagger and all-knowing cockiness of its current middle class optimism -- or, for that matter, its frightening pragmatism that is determined to make every relationship outright profitable.
Internationally too, the climate was uncertain. Boris Yeltsin's Russia was lurching toward the West in drunken stupor, and there was a big question mark as to the availability of a 'Soviet' veto if the Kashmir file ever again got reopened in the UN's business dealings.
Technically, if the UNHRC in Geneva adopted a resolution condemning India for grave human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir, a pathway would have opened for any of India's detractors (not only Pakistan) for referral of the 'Kashmir problem' to the UN in New York. The crisis was comparable to what could happen today if the IAEA indeed decided on a UN Security Council referral apropos of the Iran's 'nuclear problem.'
The assessment in the foreign policy establishment in Delhi at that time was that in the event of the Kashmir resolution coming up in Geneva, it had a strong possibility of getting adopted.
The draft resolution enjoyed the support of the 54-member states of the Organisation of Islamic conference and possibly some faraway countries in the Western world. Of course, Pakistan was its prime mover.
>Thus it was that on a cold wind swept morning in late March in 1994 with the Elbruz Mountain still wrapped in sheets of snow that an Indian military plane landed in Teheran airport bearing the then Indian external affairs minister Dinesh Singh and three accompanying officials from Delhi as his co-passengers.
The minister was visiting Iran to deliver in person an urgent letter from Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao addressed to Iranian President, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Rao was seeking Iran's last-minute intervention at the OIC with a view to ensuring that the Kashmir resolution did not pass through the UNHRC.
The OIC (like the IAEA) too had a convention that all decisions had to be arrived at through consensus. So, Rao shrewdly assessed that if a prominent OIC member like Iran were to abstain, there would be no 'consensus.' Rao was greatly averse to Dinesh Singh undertaking the mission, as the minister was seriously ill from the multiple strokes he had suffered a few months ago.
But Dinesh Singh ("Raja Saheb") would have no one else undertake such a crucial mission -- and Rao reluctantly gave in. Sadly, that also happened to be the last mission undertaken by Dinesh Singh in a diplomatic career spread over five decades.
In fact, after one look at Dinesh Singh alighting from the aircraft, Iranian Foreign Minister Dr Ali Akbar Velayati, who was waiting at the tarmac, impulsively asked what on earth could be of such momentous importance for the minister to undertake such a perilous journey in such a poor state of health.
Dinesh Singh went through his 'Kashmir brief' diligently through the day's meetings with his Iranian interlocutors -� apart from Dr Velayati, President Rafsanjani and the Speaker of the Iranian Majlis Nateq-Nouri. The Iranian side politely noted the minister's demarche.
All in all, the business was transacted in a matter of 6 or 7 hours. Dinesh Singh left immediately for the airport for his return journey.
As he was emplaning, Dr Velayati who had come to the airport, reached out and holding Dinesh Singh's hands together in his, said: 'Ali Hashemi (President Rafsanjani) wanted me to convey his assurance to Prime Minister Rao that Iran will do all it can to ensure that no harm comes to India.'
After the plane took off, Dinesh Singh and his three co-passengers pondered over the import of what Velayati said. Did it mean that Iran would get the OIC resolution watered down? Or, would the resolution leave out any outright condemnation of India that attracted the UN's wrath?
It took 72 anxious hours more for Delhi to realise that instead of a halfway solution, Iran went ahead with surgical skill and literally killed the OIC move to table the resolution at a UN forum. We heard later that as the Pakistani ambassador sought to move the OIC resolution, his Iranian counterpart in Geneva acted on directives from Teheran and made an intervention.
He said that for Iran, both Pakistan and India were close friends, and Iran would be loathe to the idea that problems between friends could not be sorted out between the two of them, and needed instead to be raised at an international forum.
That was the last time that Pakistan sought to get a resolution over Kashmir issue tabled at a UN forum.
Thus, when the head of Iran's National Security Council, Ali Larijani said last Tuesday with a palpable sense of hurt: 'India was our friend. We did not expect India to do so' -- he would have had much more in mind than the 'shock and awe' that India administered to Iran last weekend at Vienna.
Larijani's erudite mind could not have missed the dramatic irony of it all -- that Teheran should have salvaged India's day at the OIC 11 years ago, and Delhi having a sudden, unexplained, inexplicable memory lapse in the IAEA.
And, on both occasions, it boiled down to how to kill a mocking bird -- how to keep a festering wound from being prised away for therapy in distant New York.
M K Bhadrakumar is a former Indian ambassador with extensive experience in handling India's relations with Iran


Mr. Shri Shyamlal Gupta Night Hawk.

Do you know who Shri Shyamlal Gupta was? He was a famous Hindu freedom fighter from U.P. United India.

A word of wisdom to all Narrow visioned Pakistani ....."You need to study your enemy inside out. Before you consummate the perfect venom".
further i would personally wish to pardon you for the act of smelling my Sh*t.

We are equally annoyed of your foul smelling sh*t mr. hans raj hans !
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