CIA using stealth Drones to spy on Pakistan


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Re: they are spying in pakistan

I am wondering that they are only talking about "Stealth drone", However USAF has 4-5 stealth bomber in Afghanistan. Whats the point of carrying such an extra ordinary war plane here, when taliban has nothing called air-force or air defense system...


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Why they need spy drone for Pakistan when every information is available through our Army Generals and President.


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Im not impressed ... whats the point having all the technology and then getting bashed by world poorest army "TALIBAN" no matter what they are using but if the out come is this that they can't take on TALIBAN in 10 damn years... then what to get worried about.


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There is another beast called the $. It's more effective when given to begherat people from politicians to army generals to police and buerocrates........ these morons give every info to the enemies then..... curse on those bloody begherats from all walks of life......
some people think that america has defeated in afghanistan so how can they attack on Pakistan. No brothers, i don't think they have defeated in Afghanistan. look at it's condition now. everything destroyed. v don't want such things to happen in Pakistan. Just imagine how many cia workers were arrested in Pakistan. this should be an alert alarm for us. what r they doing here? they definitely have some bad intentions. what i think is that after Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, now its Pakistan's turn. Allah hamari hifazat kare aur hamari qaum ko bedaar kare. Aameen.