CIA's heart of darkness


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A former CIA operative has described how he was torn between serving his country and refusing to 'torture' a man he believed was innocent.

He was told to 'do whatever is necessary' - subverting Geneva conventions in favour of the American flag.
He said he was shocked at the order to use 'enhanced interrogation techniques', writing that he told his superiors: 'We don't do that sort of thing'.
The reply was curt: 'We do now.'

There he first met the man he dubbed 'Captus'. The CIA believed he was Al Qaeda's top financier - banker to Bin Laden.

'I found him unremarkable,' Carle said. Captus was 'normal-looking, with the gut of a sedentary man.'
Through an interpreter he told the prisoner: 'We can do anything we want... No one knows what has happened to you. You have just disappeared. Three thousand of my countrymen are dead - in part because of you.'

The CIA released Captus eight years later without ceremony or explanation.

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