Waiting for ANOTHER ISRAEL drama


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Attack on flotilla has raised many questions and pressure on Israeli government to lift Gaza blockade, innocent civilians are suffering everyday because of lack of basic necessities of life, food and medicine. Israel has been fooling the world by saying

1) Hardcore islamists Hamas are firing thousands of rockets (I don't know where they got their numbers from and how many Israelis have died cuzz of those so called THOUSANDS of rockets. I am personally against violence, any form of terrorism and loss of civilian lives but Israel has been the aggressor everytime, they demolish house, occupy lands, build new houses, kill kids,women and teensgers and than expect that Palestinians will sit and take all they, Palestinians reply by stone and home made rockets, which seem to land in the middle of nowhere ( I recall few months back Iarael tried to fool international media by exploding a house in Israel and making videos/telling world it was due to Gaza rocket attack/ CLEVER JEWS), is this hardcore islamic extremism or pure defense and extreme anger and frustation. If Israel have got the right to defend why can't Palestinians exercise this right, they are refugees in their own land, suffer blockades and face death and worse living conditions everyday)

2) Talibinisation is a common word used noawadys in western media to justify gross human rights violations/assasinations/civilian bombings without proof just on the basis of suspision, it's basically a word you can use to GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING. Israel have used this word very well to get away with it's raid on flotilla/justify innocent journalist killing by saying there were people who wanted to fight/confront with weapons. WHAT WEAPONS THEY TALKING ABOUT, THEY ATTACKED FLOTILLA IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS/ EDITED VIDEO EVEIDENCES/DESTROYED ALL VIDEO FOOTAGE/ SHOT LIVE AMMUNITION AND KILLED PEOPLE DEFENDING WITH STICKS.

Looking at the past they will again get away with it and will STAGE A DRAMA in near future to show world that they face serious threat from hardcore islamists/taliban .I don't know when will the world wake up to this and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 2 state solution with complete sovereignty to Palestinians.

Somehow they tend to divert the worlds attention from Palestinian conflict by either raising Iran nuclear issue, label the person or government anti jewish/nazi who ever raise their voice against Iarael's barbarism or fear the west by saying world will be taken over by crazy hardcore islamists /SIGH