Tonight With Najam Sethi - 11th August 2010 - Amir Sohail, Mohsin Hasan Khan, Iqbal Ali, Sarfraz Naw


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I like to ask which country's baord's chairman goes with the team,Ajaz Butt is going in every country cricket team goes and spending boards money like the govt ,he dont care his brother in law Ahmad Mukhtar is in govt.Ajaz Butt is worthless like zardari and also hated inside and outside of the country but still stuck to the job ,at 75 still spending time in london for one month for what.shahid afridi did a good thing ,he retired from test cricket. He realized soon so he was gone not like our shameless politicians****.Against australia pakistan got a fluke and salman butt was flying in the air and made captain because of his backing, we saw the result. Yasir hamid was with the team and not given a chance aginst england. where is Razzaq why he was not called,Yousaf was called and it will not make any difference,i tell management is all screwd up like PPP govt,we should only pray for it because no one care about it.
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What will this program achieve? Ijaz Butt will continue to have the unending support of our ***** president. Najam Sethi was and is a wafadaar of Salman Taseer. This program at least will achieve scoring a talking point so people's attention gets away from our politicians, their activities their attacks on the media and the devastating floods, on the most stupid topic everyone wants to have a go. Was'nt it Salman Taseer who ruined Pakistan's image, doing nothing criminal mishandling on the most awful incident which were attacks on Sri Lankan team, resulting in Pakistan being slapped by our enemies, first time for a country an event [the ICC Champions Trophy] and then World Cup matches taken away, but most of all Pakistanis not able to see their players play against international sides in Pakistan.
Salman 'jerk' Taseer and this govt. has still not submitted the report on those attacks to the ICC which is ruining our image further. WHY IS'NT THIS BEING DISCUSSED? Fake degree violent joker Jamshed Dasti and other politicans have been politicising and damaging this sport to popularize themselves. Dasti accused Younis Khan of match fixing, we lost a captain[who won the T20 World Cup] and Pakistan cricket has hit rock-bottom ever since. WHY IS'NT THIS BEING DISCUSSED. Instead of shameless rants on a team that is trying to rebuild after being RAPED BY POLITICIAN THUGS AND JAMHOORIYAT, concentrate on the rehabilitation of flood victims, we have seen these diversionary programs before THEY WONT WORK.