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  • dont mind yar and dont ask k mujay kia takleef hai PLEASE CHANGE UR PIC YAR. :)
    i before send u masage to ask about video that how can i make saperate one clip from movie or talkshow please in detail tell me if u dont mind thanks
    how to embade the youtube video link ? as u guys do, i copy pasted the link from youtube, embade code, but in preview it shows the text, not the video box
    You have been doing great work. Keep it up. I am curios as who does this photo belong too.
    could u plz inform me how to post the zshare tag.because whenever i do there alwayz sme sort of problm
    where you live in khanewal. i am from kwl but now in toronto for last 25 years.

    Arey Capre Sb kia haal hain, kabhi pakistan jaata hoon to khanewal bhi challa jaata hooon, itney achey loog to wahan naheen millay, beharhall i am impressed of your work and help of us,

    may Allaha keep you happy, would be great to know about you, Bhai

    zulfiqar Rana
    [email protected]
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