Sawal Yeh Hai - 28th September 2013 - Dollar vs Pak Rs. - How it impacts Awam


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Re: Sawal Yeh Hai - 28th September 2013 - Dollar vs Rs. - How it impacts Awam

According to one of noora's begherat supporter by asking for the 4rth time this is all because of noora's younger brother zardari, $ = 109 rs, ye begherat bohot jald bilkul hi nanga kar den ge is qoom ko
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Good discussion. Only problem Dt Danish intervenes too much and did not have enough home work. Immediate problem is that this move will make oil and in turn electricity even more expensive. In next 6 months everything will be more expensive. For next 3 years inflation will increase which in simple words mean poor and middle class will become poorer. Positive point is exports will increase. Question why govt did not go for other options. I am guessing they did not have enough time.