Sawal Yeh hai - 10th June 2012 - Saddiq al farooq - What 4 years alliance has given to Public?


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nawaz sharif ki giddar singhi milli hai iss qoum ko noora league ki noora opposition saay


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Thanks dr.danish for the nice show.I dont know what to say to PPP and PML-N ,they both are just bunch of idiots,corrupt and high way robbers. Now sadiq alfarooq is blaming PPP for not doing anything in the country but why PML-N stood for 4 years, played the role of friendly opposition and still behind the scene with PPP.why PML-N did't stop PPP from corruption , gone against the borrowing and note printing in the country because PPP was busy in corruption in the centre and PML-N was busy in punjab.Benazir income support fund's budget is Rs.70 billions which more than 60% goes in their own pockets. If that money was given to ipps and PSO ,it could help to buy oil and produce electricity .why PML-N did't stop the govt because if Zardari wanna give under Benazir's name ,give it from his own pocket.Is the govt treasury belongs to Bhutto's family? why the punjab govt giving laptops ,sasti roti and yellow cab schemes? why punjab CM did't start the "Job creation Plan" so people could get jobs and also ,CM could start the schemes to produce the electricity to bring down the load shedding but they are both in the same boat.,two faces of the same coin-both did the corruption to the highest level, no doubt about it. federal and punjab govt did't produce even one MW electricity in four years .I would give zero marks to the both govts.NS still have the soft corner for PPP thats why he is so shy like ladies to take a concrete action against PPP. Shame on them.
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