Punjab Govt. did'nt provide funds to 62 Districts of Punjab..Why? - Aftab Iqbal telling!


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Long live the king and his kingship. I saw lot of countries and found one difference in developed under under developed countries, the rule of law. If we compare Pakistan with any country of the world based on resources, Pakistan will be in top list but why we are in this situation because the rulers are invaders and they are above the law.


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میاں صاحب جانتے ھیں کہ یہ چھوٹے موٹے مسائل مالٹا ٹرین اپنے ساتھ بہہ کر لے جائے گی۔
بس اس ٹرین کو چلنے دو پھر دیکھنا پٹواری کسطرح الٹے الٹے ناچیں گے۔