PMLN has started defending Modi after Imran Khan criticized


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jis mulk ka guide soul leader and inspirer lal topi wala joker ho us mulk me imran niazi jaise leader muntkhab hote hai aur mulk ki wohi halat hoti hai jo aaj pakistan ki hai...???

Chali hamare paas tu ik laa topi wala he jis ka nateeja IK he. Lagta he US ne tu ik fouj rakhi hui he jis ki wajah se trump americans ka leader muntakhib hua he.


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jis mulk ka guide soul leader and inspirer lal topi wala joker ho us mulk me imran niazi jaise leader muntkhab hote hai aur mulk ki wohi halat hoti hai jo aaj pakistan ki hai...???
Imran Niazi jindabaad .......... jis ke GAAF laal ho rhe hy, hoti rhy


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BBC: Coronavirus: Anger as migrants sprayed with a disinfectant in India
7 hours ago
An investigation has been launched after a group of migrant workers were filmed being doused in a "chemical solution" by Indian officials.
They are understood to be migrants who returned to the city of Bareilly, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.
They are among millions who have returned to their home villages amid a nationwide, three-week lockdown.

The move is supposed to stop the spread of coronavirus, but there are fears the returnees may spread the virus further.
The video - which has been viewed nearly 400,000 times after it was uploaded by a Times of India journalist - shows the group squatting on the ground while medical and fire department officials dressed in hazmat suits spray them with a "chemical solution".

Comment: Incredible India


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'Hunger will kill us before coronavirus', say Rohingya in India
Thousands of Rohingya in India battle hunger as a coronavirus outbreak in refugee camps looms large.

Incredible India...of RSS Bhagwan, Terrorist Modi.


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NY Times on Terrorist Modi & its "Tattistan"..aka...hindustan...

India’s Coronavirus Lockdown Leaves Vast Numbers Stranded and Hungry
The sudden shutdown of businesses has upended the lives of millions of migrant labourers in Indian cities.
More than a dozen migrants have died, and anger is rising.


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The Guardian Writes:

For a billion Indians, the lockdown has not prevented a tragedy.
Without adequate healthcare and unable to deliver basic needs, India now faces twin catastrophes of coronavirus and starvation.

The world’s second-most crowded city is trying to stay home, but it wasn’t built for social distancing.

Over the last fortnight, its citizens have been retreating from public premises. A majority are now confined to one- or two-room tenement housing, often with dividing walls made of tin and tarpaulin. These stand cheek-by-jowl with shops, restaurants and crowded medical clinics. Isolation is for people who live in homes with attached toilets.

RSS Bhagwan Terrorist Modi in trouble...


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CNN March 31, 2020
Social distancing is a privilege of the middle class. For India's slum dwellers, it will be impossible.
By Priyali Sur and Esha Mitra,

New Delhi (CNN)For two days, Jeetender Mahender, a 36-year-old Dalit sanitation worker, has not dared to leave his family's shanty in the Valmiki slum of northern Mumbai, India, except to go to the toilet.
His situation is desperate. The tiny home has no running water or toilet, his family is low on food -- and when he doesn't go to work, he doesn't get paid.

"Social distancing is not just for the sick, but for each and every person, including you and even your family," Modi said in a nationwide address last week.

The chaos unfolding across India in recent days has spelt out that for the
74 million people -- one-sixth of the urban population -- who live cheek by jowl in the country's slums, social distancing is going to be physically and economically impossible.

"The lanes are so narrow that when we cross each other, we cannot do it without our shoulders rubbing against the other person," said Mahender. "We all go outdoors to a common toilet and there are 20 families that live just near my small house.

1 toilet for 1,440 people
Water is one of the biggest reasons India's poor need to leave home every day.
Sia, a slum dweller and migrant construction worker in Gurugram, near New Delhi, wakes up at 5 a.m. and defies Modi's call to stay indoors. The reason? She needs to walk 100 meters (328 feet) to a water tank that serves her slum of 70 migrant construction workers.
She is not the only one. Most women from the construction site slum wash together there every morning and collect water for the day. With no showers or bathrooms in their homes, this communal tap is their only water source.
In Dharavi in Mumbai, for example, there is only one toilet per 1,440 residents, according to a recent CFS study -- and 78% of community toilets in Mumbai's slums lack water supply, according to 2019 Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation survey.

Incredible India.


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دلے ہاراں ن والے امرتسری بھڑوے اور کنجر کے اس پوتے اور گٹر کے ڈھکن چور حرامی بابے شیفے کی آنکھوں می کیسی حرام زدگی شیطاینت اور خبا ثت ہے کیسے لعنتی چور اور فراڈیا بیغرت بابا تھا بقول چودھریوں کے یہ حرامی بابا چو ہدری برادران ے سے قرآن پر حلف اٹھا کر وعدہ کر کے مکر گیا تھا جو حرامی قرآن پر حلف اٹھا کر مکر سکتا ہے وہ کتنا غلیظ نیچ گھٹیا لعنتی اور حرامی نسل کا ہو سکتا ہے اسی واسطے اس حرامی بابے کے کتورے کتوریاں اور آگے انکے حرامی کتورے اور کتوریں مہا حرامی نکلے ہیں
I always love your post. you doing great Postmortem of NOONI Mafia