Please don't get your thoughts driven by media


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My humble request is to those who are concious, sincere and believe on one of the most important blessing of Allah, which is called brain.

I felt these days media is capturing us and trying to force us to think what they want us to think. I don't say everything presented in media is wrong. But every program contains three elements, which are as follows
  • Facts
  • unbiased analysis (depend on the anchor)
  • sensationalism
  • anchor/program/channels's personal agenda or relation with some political party establishment etc.
  • commercialism ( things, which are just included in their program or news to make public happy apart from this that they are facts or not and without realizing, what would be reaction of the people. sometime it leaves very dangerous and harmful affect on the people thinking. but they have no concern of this they just want to sell)

Now different program will have different proportion of these elements. So we, as being sensible viewers and listeners, should be able to differentiate between these elements and should be smart enough to understand the tone, wording, body language, credibility of program/channel/anchor and pannelists without getting emotional and getting impressed by someone.

If you think you are not capable of this then please don't listen any of them at all. because they will pollute your mind with wrong thoughts and nothing else.
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Fully agreed
if u r smart enough u get the tone of anchor within 5 min.
All pakistan news channels are k-os.don't watch such propgating anchors and thier sick analysis.


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There are many school kids on this forum who post propoganda information from internet links of uncomfirmed reports and tell other people they have collected these 'jewels' after 'research' . but these juveniles don't understand that internet is the biggest psyops tool of our enemy.
I have strong feeling that an anti-Army public opinion has been build and now being hijacked by Pakistan's enemies. unfortunately our 'intellectuals' are becoming a part of it.