People at Times Of India Pervert?


Times of India criticised over Kate Middleton's "MARILYN MOMENT" at India gate. Remember it is the same newspaper that was criticized for Deepika and Aalia Bhatt's incident.


Prince William and Kate Middleton pay tribute to war dead soldiers at India Gate - Image Source: PA

On Monday, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, almost suffered a Marilyn Monroe moment as she paid tribute to the dead soldiers of World War I at the India Gate.

Prince William and Kate were escorted by ceremonial soldiers as they headed their way to pay respect at the state monument. Unfortunately, it was a blustery day and strong gusts of wind blew Kates dress and covered her face with hair. But Kate managed it like a lady and held her Emilia Wickstead dress with both hands to avoid any wardrobe malfunction.

Kate Middleton, along with husband, Prince William, visited India Gate to pay their respects to the dead soldiers, who lost their lives in World War I. More than 70,000 soldiers lost their lives while fighting for British Army back in 1914. The Royal Pair paid their tributes to soldiers who had sacrificed their precious lives in different wars like Indo-Pak and WWI.

Kate Middleton prevents herself from embarrassment by holding her skirt with both hands

Kates dress was plagued by strong winds when she stepped to rest the floral tribute on the shrine. Duke and Duchess observed a moment of silence while Kate held her skirt tight with both of her hands. The Royal couple also paid a visit to Old Birla House, where Indias founder, Mahatma Gandhi breathed his last air.

Prince William and Kate Middleton paid tribute to soldiers who lost their lives in WWI image Source: PAAfter Kate suffered the Marilyn Monroe moment at the national monument, several local and international newspapers highlighted the particular picture from the event. Within minutes, #MarilynManroe started trending on Twitter.

However, many got angry at the underlying sexism of media, where Kates unfortunate incident was published on several papers front pages.

Prince William and Kate Middleton at Old Birla House Image Source: Ian VogueMany social media users criticized the comparison of Duchess accidental moment with Marilyns intentionally posed pictures. A social media user wrote on his twitter:

What is WITH @timesofindias weird obsession with objectifying women? A FRONT PAGE feature on Kates Marilyn Monroe moment, REALLY?

Here are few of the tweets that show outrageous social media users reaction to newspapers:

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I think the times of India needs a wake up call..should have ignored it..seriously...making us across the border look bad.


I think the times of India needs a wake up call..should have ignored it..seriously...making us across the border look bad.

what is wrong here ? whatever camera captures ,they show it .

how they are pervert ? thread opener should go to his class in madarsa ,this is not his business .:lol:
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You said it yourself, Perverts. Ha ha!

no sir ,

with due respects india is coming out of middle ages , pakistan is still stuck in middle ages and look towards arabs for fake arab alien culture of 12th century which arabs have themselves discarded .only taliban are behind such cultures.(bigsmile)