Off The Record - 29th June 2011 - Imran Khan & Makhdoom Javed Hashmi


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Haha one of your other pti employee was writing in this same blog that he was coming online from kurram agency not realizing its a was zone with out any facility.
Thats what kind of liers you guys are .
You should know that manifesto comes near elections. Of course, PTI has extensive plan on EVERY issue facing Pakistan, and IMran Khan has been talking about the salient points in many a programs.

But a comprehensive plan would be declared near the election. You will also have a first 90 days plan soon. So don't worry, and don't COPY our plan.


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I don't think Pakistan will survive if the government continues. Ideally elected govts should complete the term but with the current situation, PPP govt should be thrown as soon as possible. Also, the Constitution needs to be changed to 4 years term instead of 5 years term.


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Excellent guy Javed Hashmi!!

It's great to see a PMLN veteran like Javed acknowledging Imran Khan as the great leader with a vision. Still stupid pmln supporters on this forum are criticizing Imran Khan. Just ignore these crap people....