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  1. M Ali Khan

    When Hamid Gul offered India peace

    Interesting piece by former RAW secretary A.K Verma for The Hindu http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/article7587371.ece OUT OF CHARACTER? In a rewarding development, Gen. Hamid Gul decided, on his own, to return four Sikh soldiers who had defected to Pakistan, angered over the army...
  2. C

    Enemy of Pakistan Marvi Sarmad defending gay rights and swearing openly at muslim scholars

  3. C

    Pakistan army facebook page opened ( in one week more than 2 lakh people joined the page ) plase joi

  4. C

    zaid hamid exposed Indian RAW sponsored SAFMA agent on a live program

  5. C

    "The great Imran khan is bigger celebrity than me", Says Salman Khan

  6. C

    Traitor Najam Sethi Pakistani media ko Indian propoganda promote kurnay kay lie use kur ruha hai...

    Gaddar Najam Sethi using Pakistan media to promote Indian agenda... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCIuOICxKJY
  7. C

    Australian TV calling Indian "Sh*t Hole, River Ganga Junkyard"

  8. ||columbus||

    PML-N team compilation- With a team like this, who needs an opposition

    Here is a compilation of clips showing highlights of PML-N team. This compilation is for those who criticize Imran Khan for not having a team. I thank Allah that Imran Khan doesnt have a team like this. IMRAN KHAN ZINDABAD. <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-pVj8qL0nk" target="_blank">...
  9. C

    Javed Hashmi criticizing Nawaz sharif on his property outside the country

  10. C

    ANP Scam Scandal : Railway 41.5 acres being leased out to Bilour family

    Breaking News, Biggest scandal of corruption by ANP government http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1yrGUcds58
  11. C

    How Nawaz sharif destroyed the family life of Imran khan

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvc5Uiy1f2I Watch Complete Show here http://www.siasat.pk/forum/showthread.php?72314-Inspiring-Struggle-amp-Vision-of-Quaid-e-Imran-Life-Journey
  12. C

    Imran khan on fire, Nawaz Sharif ki to pant hi utar di, N.S tumhar 2 number siasat ab nahen chulay

  13. C

    Azizi & Junaid exposing Nawaz Sharif, defending Imran khan, Zabardast... NS.tumhari drama bazi nahe

  14. C

    "ISI made PTI" - Nawaz Sharif

  15. mrcritic

    ISI, CIA have no common purpose Hamid Gul (Interview)

    Q: Terrorists are increasingly turning more deadly and hitting targets at will. The PNS Mehran attack speaks of the gravity of the situation. There is an impression that Pakistani forces are incompetent or unwilling to take on the terrorists head-on. What do you think? A: Pakistan’s armed forces...
  16. Off The Record

    Off The Record - 29th June 2011 - Imran Khan & Makhdoom Javed Hashmi

  17. jhootaylog

    Hameed Gul & Imran Khan tried to use me to overthrow Benazir's Government, alleges Edhi

    Imran Khan Expoed By Abdul Sattar Edhi In EXPRESS NEWS: Baat Say Baat with Maria Zulfiqar Q. Have you ever been approached by political or other groups for support? A. Once, I was approached by General Hamid Gul, Imran Khan and few others, mostly military and intelligence officials, who...
  18. C

    Imran khan most popular leader than all, PPP & PML-N united against Imran.

    Recent survey showed Imran khan popular than all leaders in Pakistan ( Must watch) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39USsfMMYW0
  19. C

    "Nawaz Sharif is bigger leader than Quide azam", says PML-N Leader

  20. C

    Javed Ch nay PPP ki Minister ki izzat utar kay hath mein pukra di. jeo Javed ch Jeo