Khari Baat -12th May 2011 - Three American Citizens replying to Students of University of Central Pu


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Re: Khari Baat -12th May 2011 - Three American Citizens, reply to Students of University of Central Punjab

what a kuty ka bacha luqman idot. he is just puppet agent of ISI and geting money from these soures. how dare you backward idot to even start asking about concern of Nuclear to a lady. and trying to show somehting that you cant even show. what pathatic pple on face of the earth. Tunisia only weakileaks brought revolution, egypet as well others. but in pak. nation is in deep sleep or cowards become coward bez ISI take them away whoever talk about anyting. what shamless people in Pak. hope for a mirical before it get too late. army just destroyed every single insituation in pak including media

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Every nation in this world needs every other nation.
I think USA should remain in the capacity of a friend. If they think that there is something they want but we can not do for them then they should not give us aid,it should be their choice not ours. We should not beg or ask. Dainay vala haath lanay valey haath say behtar hai.
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