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  • I have been sleeping that's what I fell after joining pti . I dont know what to do as a next step but when I read people like you that's what gives me the foul to burn to go on . Inshallah time will come when we will see a good future for our childrens . Thanks

    Plz correct spellings of Sarraz(to Sarfraz) in post title below

    Final and Decisive Battle will be fought in Panipat India (Syed Sarraz A. Shah)

    Dear Moderator,
    The post No.72 on the "death of Prophet" titles contains very abusive and hurting sentence in
    urdu language written in english style. Will you please remove this post and issue a warning to
    Mr. Samar. Thanks.
    Thankyou for your sentiments. I have been vacationing and it was wonderful. I have missed being on the forum and having the little head ons , I hope we will get together on more issues and keep it going. I hope all is very well at your end and eveything is rosy and sparkling. All the best.
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