1. uzair_nadeem99

    Social media pr american larkio se shadi krna kesa hy - Mufti Tariq Masood

    مفتی طارق مسعود صاحب نوجوان نسل کو نکاح کی ترغیب دینے کے حوالے سے مشہور ہیں۔ اس اتوار بیان کے بعد کسی نے پرچی پر سوال لکھا کہ آج کل پاکستانی نوجوان سوشل میڈیا پر امریکی عورتوں سے جو شادیاں کر رہے ہیں یہ کیسا ہے؟
  2. A

    طالبان نے ایک اور ڈرون مار گرایا

    قندوز،مجاہدین نےڈرون مارگرایا ذبیح اللہ مجاہد امارت اسلامیہ کےمجاہدین نے صوبہ قندوزکےصدرمقام قندوزشہرمیں امریکی ڈرون کومارگرایا۔ رپورٹ کےمطابق مجاہدین نے پیرکےروز2012-06-25 مقامی وقت کےمطابق دن دس بجے صوبائی قندوزشہرمیں ایئرپورٹ کے قریب کٹہ خیل کےمقام پرامریکی ڈرون کوہیوی مشین گن کانشانہ...
  3. Humi

    America expects new "September 11 attacks" - this time in the form of natural disasters

    America expects new "September 11 attacks" - this time in the form of natural disasters, such forecast was voiced by American deputy secretary of defense Paul Stockton who is in charge of security at Pentagon. He calls them "complex catastrophes" and notes that they will have a "cascading...
  4. L

    Muslims Immigrants in American Politics - Muslims in America 9/11 Anniversary 2011 Video Report

  5. crankthskunk

    40 American TRAINERS leave PAKISTAN

    A good news in a sense, but the last paragraph is worrisome, the trainers will be back, but this time part of Diplomatic Corps. This means if another incident like Davis happens, they would be out immediately without any fuss, having the Diplomatic immunity. What is our Government up to?
  6. A

    American and European Mad Dogs

    American and European Mad Dogs[hilar] --------------- Even as Arab as well as other Muslim rulers and leaders continue to play western fiddle, the dictatorial American and European mad dogs have been on the rampage in Islamic world, especially Mideast, killing innocent Muslims and consuming...
  7. sarbakaf

    American Media Making Fun of Islamic Values, Sects and Beliefs-Marvi promoting their liberal views

    Watch the clip and decide your self.
  8. K

    Is Peace Possible When Dealing With Israel? Their theory of Gentiles by American writer? Through this article we can have comparative studies ? The real death star by web Israel is referred to as a democracy even though it doesn't even have a constitution. The reason it doesn't...
  9. msrx5jj2

    How the Arabs can help us avoid American and Israeli slavery

    How Iran's testing of the New Arrow 3 interceptor missile has repercussions for Pakistan's missile and nuclear assets and how the Arabs can help us avoid American and Israeli slavery. For the full copyrighted article visit...
  10. A

    An American Lady crushes the Camel (50% of American will be Obese in near future:study)

  11. canadian

    An American in Ethan Casey !!!

    An American in Pakistan by Ethan Casey The kidnapping ten days ago of American development worker Warren Weinstein prompts this weeks column. I dont know anything about the man except what Ive read in news reports but, as an American who has spent a lot of time in Pakistan, I feel a personal...
  12. L

    Main Culprit in American Citizen kidnapping arrested in Lahore

    Main Character in American Citizen kidnapping arrested in Lahore.
  13. L

    Four CIA spies on run after escaping a checkpoint.

    They US officials were travelling from Islamabad to Peshawar when the incident took place. - File Photo PESHAWAR: Four United States officials escaped a Peshawar motorway check point and took refuge in the US Consulate on Sunday, DawnNews reported. The US officials during their escape tried to...
  14. sarmad

    Umrah Ticket offered by Geo TV .... based on American Lottery System. Is this OK?

    I was flipping channels... and just saw Geo TV's morning show Utho Jago Pakistan. Host (Shaista?) was offering Umrah ticket to the person with most SMS messages sent to GEO. Please correct me if I am wrong but doesn't sending SMS messages cost you money in Pakistan..... and GEO makes money out...
  15. karachiwala

    Pakistani media being paid to learn to speak American

  16. karachiwala

    The kidnapped American - interesting developments

  17. L

    American issued report about Pakistan and Terrorism

    Washington: US State Department in its annual report 2010 on terrorism released on Thursday, criticized Pakistan’s performance in war against terror. The report said that there were 11,500 incidents of terrorism reported in 2010 in which a large number of people were killed.The US State...
  18. S

    American diplomats distributed eid gifts among madrassa students - Your Comments Please . . . . .

  19. H

    'No Way' That God Would Forgive Him For What He'd Seen, Done, He Told Wife - American Soldier Suicid

    August 14, 2011 07:00 AMFacing Ninth Deployment, Army Ranger Kills Himself. 'No Way' That God Would Forgive Him For What He'd Seen, Done, He Told Wife By Susie Madrak The people who should be worried about going to hell are the...
  20. L

    Bolivia, Venezuela and Iran - Anti American Club

    The Islamo-Bolivarian threat Should the US be worried about the close relationship between Iran and Venezuela? Recent years have seen an increasingly close relationship between Venezuela and Iran [EPA] In early July, the US Congressional Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and...