Kal Tak - 16th May 2011 - Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Zahid Saeed & Dr Farhat - Pak-US Relationship After


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look at this shah mehmood qureshi,,,,,,,,,, the way he talked in favor of kerry lugar bill in the assembly was shameful , and now he is talking all different,, all looters man all looters


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Many stupids come to Tv talk shows say some irrelavant bla bla and go away, what a Nation we are,?? bunch of corrupt elite is imposed on Pakistan they have to watch American interests and prolong their grip on power, what is surprising???Zardari has achieved a famous name world wide, Mr 10%.
Now he is 100%, May be last chance for him and he is takking a heavy price from Nation for being slected as a President.