Javed Hashmi Told A Story About Qadri ,Left Every One Laughing In Parliment House


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قادری کے بارے تو سچ ہی کہ رہا ہے
اس پر ہنسنا نہیں رونا چاہیے ، الله نا کرے آنے والا کل ایسے خوابی شیخ کے ہاتھوں مزید برباد ہو

Azaad Alfaaz

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Javed Hashmi ,, we all know TUQ Islam is wrong Islam !! same as SHia Islam is wrong ! same as Sufi Islam is wrong ! If you combing all these TUQ SHIA SU IF Islam ,, 90 percent of Pakistan Muslim follow this !! as you are become MAKDOOM,, Kuri nasheen and take vote from your Mureeds !!

But what you did is back stab I K !! People like you are filth !! Where is Army ?? behind I K ? as you claim !! and you want to protect your Haaaraaami colleagues of parliament who been plundering muslim nation for years.