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  • Mr Adeel i dont know who made you admin? you show lack of vocabulary in you. have you seen ullu ke doom? no right cause it does not exsist. ***** ke doom hoti hai!!
    gay word means happy person .. it does not mean homosexual ... go check dictionary...
    so stop try to be bully towards me !!! if you have something to say !! say it in open not in private !!
    I ignored you in 1st palace ! now its getting serious !!
    What kind of language ? you understand? if i wanted to call that person homosexual i would call him homo !! not gay !!
    "Dude why dont you come out of closet by now that you are gay !"

    please stop using this kind of language.
    "oye ull ke doom america or canada meh ek amm police wala 1 lak dollar salary lehta hai !!! ek saal ka "

    Dear Azaad sahib,

    Please no personal attacks. This is how the abuse starts. Hopefully you will cooperate. Look forward to see your positive posts.
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