I'm not angry, I just said Politicians should have resolved their own issues - Javed Hashmi


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Hashmi is Right. Its is a complete failure of the politicians. But the problem is that PmlN and PPP are Mafias. Shahbaz Sharif should have resigned. And If Nawaz sharif got 1.5 CRORE votes and IK 75 Lacs then what is Nawaz afraid off. In re-elections he can easily win again even if he loses 25 lac votes. Atleast he should have done an investigation.
This ELECTION was a SHAM. And am an eye witness. I am from Karachi and my vote was taken out in front of my eyes.
Hashmi is right and he is rightly disappointed but Nawaz Sharif, PPP and all the parties who said that these elections were rigged should have supported IK rather Nawaz.


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​Javed Hashmi did what he has always said. There are no 2 stances here. He wants politicians to sort out their matters rather than involve the army. But here both dharnas are looking towards the army to intervene on their behalf and NS is doing the same. NS is doing it on acount he is government and wants to settle issues and dharna people are doing as they realize that having afwewr than 10,000 people you cannot force even a SP out of his office let alone a PM.


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javid hashmi ko retd. ho jana chahya ... Ab yah bakao media Altafo ko hero bana raha hai ... hahahahah